Antarctic Watch Headlines 01/03/2023

If Antarctic krill could sing, here’s what they might sound like
Sydney Morning Herald, 2023-01-03
Ever considered what Antarctic krill might sound like if they could sing? Or how it would compare with a choir of salp, the jellyfish-like creatures with whom the krill share the chilly waters of the South Pole?

Antarctic expedition to unlock million-year-old secrets in ice begins from Casey Station
Australian Broadcasting Corporation on, 2022-12-31
It’s an icy voyage that’s been a decade in the making — a team of expeditioners are making the 1,200-kilometre trip from Casey Station into the Antarctic interior where researchers will eventually drill deep into a million-year-old ice core.

Former Antarctic base frozen in time
The West Australian, 2022-12-31
Goudier Island’s Base A has been looked after and run by the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust. STEPHEN SCOURFIELD pays a visit

Two-thirds of Antarctic plants and animals face being killed off by 2100, study claims
Yahoo, 2022-12-22
Researchers estimate 65 per cent of the continent’s plants and wildlife will suffer population decline by the year 2100

Emperor penguin at risk of extinction, along with two-thirds of native Antarctic species, research shows
The Guardian, 2022-12-22
International study projects up to 80% of emperor penguin colonies to be ‘quasi-extinct’ by 2100

Learn about the Arctic and Antarctic this month at the Amelia Park Children’s Museum
WWLP-22News, 2023-01-03
This month at Amelia Park Children’s Museum. kids can explore the Arctic and Antarctic! All of the activities this month in literacy, art, and math highlight our

Role of the Falklands in the development and success of British Antarctic Survey
MercoPress, 2023-01-02
The Antarctic Treaty has been signed by over 50 nations to date and covers the area south of 60°S latitude. The Treaty has ensured that Antarctica remains a natural reserve, devoted to peace and …

Antarctic fellowship recipients announced on Antarctic Treaty anniversary
MercoPress, 2023-01-02
It was in support of the Antarctic Treaty’s unique mission that IAATO came into being 31 years ago, and in 2019 launched the Antarctic Fellowship with the intention of supporting talented early …

Current Antarctic conservation efforts are insufficient to avoid biodiversity declines, study shows
Science Daily, 2022-12-23
Existing conservation efforts are insufficient to protect Antarctic ecosystems, and population declines are likely for 65% of the continent’s plants and wildlife by the year 2100, according to a new study.

Antarctic conservationist Nigel Watson receives medal for services
The New Zealand Herald, 2022-12-31
Nigel Watson has spent over two decades dedicated to the conservation of Antarctica, he’s now been awarded the prestigious New Zealand Antarctic medal in recognition of his services. As executive director of the Antarctic Heritage Trust,