Antarctic Watch Headlines 01/06/2023

Help! A Check-in Agent’s Mistake Made Me Miss an Antarctic Cruise and I’m Out $17,000.
The New York Times, 2023-01-06
An American Airlines error kept a traveler from getting to her cruise’s departure, but the carrier wouldn’t take financial responsibility and her trip insurance refused to pay. Then our columnist stepped in.

Antarctic tourism: Should we worry about damage to the ice and ecosystems?, 2023-01-05
As the summer sun finally arrives for people in the Southern Hemisphere, more than 100,000 tourists will head for the ice. Travelling on one of more than 50 cruise ships, they will brave the two-day trip across the notoriously rough Drake Passage below Patagonia,

Cruises, crowds and fragile ecosystems: the delicate dance of Antarctic tourism
The Guardian, 2023-01-05
As the icy continent braces for a record summer, ecologists say more visitor caps and restrictions are needed to protect wildlife

Scientists Report a Dramatic Drop in the Extent of Antarctic Sea Ice
Inside Climate News, 2023-01-06
The new year started with the familiar refrain of climate extremes, as scientists with the National Snow and Ice Data Center reported Jan. 3 that the sea ice around Antarctica dropped to its lowest extent on record for early January.

Amazon deforestation may shrink Himalayan snow and Antarctic ice
New Scientist on, 2023-01-05
Changes in temperature and precipitation due to rapid deforestation in the Amazon rainforest could have effects as far away as the Tibetan Plateau and Antarctica

Antarctic ambassador effect’: Summer visitor numbers predicted to surge to Antarctica
Sky News Australia on, 2023-01-06
UTAS Professor Elizabeth Leane says there’s a phenomenon known as the “Antarctic ambassador effect” that can occur when visitors return from Antarctica. “The idea being that people who go to Antarctica have a much greater awareness of the place and come back as champions for it and champions for environmental protection,

If Antarctic krill could sing, here’s what they might sound like
Sydney Morning Herald, 2023-01-03
Ever considered what Antarctic krill might sound like if they could sing? Or how it would compare with a choir of salp, the jellyfish-like creatures with whom the krill share the chilly waters of the South Pole?

Antarctic expedition to unlock million-year-old secrets in ice begins from Casey Station
Australian Broadcasting Corporation on, 2022-12-31
It’s an icy voyage that’s been a decade in the making — a team of expeditioners are making the 1,200-kilometre trip from Casey Station into the Antarctic interior where researchers will eventually drill deep into a million-year-old ice core.

Former Antarctic base frozen in time
The West Australian, 2022-12-31
Goudier Island’s Base A has been looked after and run by the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust. STEPHEN SCOURFIELD pays a visit

French cruise ship makes mercy dash to Bluff from Sub Antarctic islands after passenger falls ill
The New Zealand Herald, 2023-01-04
Passengers on a trip of a lifetime around the Sub Antarctic islands are set to make an unscheduled stop in Bluff after one of their number suffered an unknown medical problem. Luxury liner Le Soléal of French cruise company Ponant is midway through an expedition around the remote and windswept islands in the Southern Ocean,