Antarctic Watch Headlines 01/10/2023

Antarctic icebergs still exist today where 1700-era sailors spotted, tracked them
The Digital Universe, 2023-01-10
A new study comparing observations of large Antarctic icebergs from the 1700s with modern satellite datasets shows the massive icebergs are found in the same areas where they were pinpointed three centuries ago.

Antarctic ozone hole on course to heal by 2065
The Times, 2023-01-09
The ozone layer is on track to recover in just over four decades due to a landmark environmental treaty, despite being delayed by illegal factories in China.But UN scientists warn the recovery of the ozone layer could be postponed by decades if humanity pursues an emergency measure to put the brakes on climate change by pumping sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere.

Antarctic-trekking University of Leicester professor gets Polar Medal
YAHOO!News, 2023-01-08
An Antarctic-trekking academic has been awarded the Polar Medal. Prof John Smellie, from the University of Leicester, was given the accolade by King Charles III. It is the second time he has received the medal,

Antarctic Krills (Euphausia superba) Market Is Expected To Witness Impressive Growth Between 2023 and 2028 | Including 111 Pages Report
MarketWatch, 2023-01-10
Market 2023 with 111 Pages Report and enhance with extents shares into sub-counties are covered in this market. Antarctic Krills (Euphausia superba) Market conditions can be influenced by a wide range of factors,

COMNAP, the Antarctic organisation based in New Zealand you’ve probably never heard of, 2023-01-08
It’s based in Christchurch and has great sway over activity in Antarctica, but what exactly is this organisation that plays a major role in life on the ice?

Like working in outer space: inside Antarctic recruitment
The Mandarin, 2023-01-09
The government is looking to recruit 150 people to assist in the running of its Antarctic research stations. Maree Riley, who leads recruitment f

Help! A Check-in Agent’s Mistake Made Me Miss an Antarctic Cruise and I’m Out $17,000.
The New York Times, 2023-01-06
An American Airlines error kept a traveler from getting to her cruise’s departure, but the carrier wouldn’t take financial responsibility and her trip insurance refused to pay. Then our columnist stepped in.

Barbara Creecy to visit SA Antarctic research station
devdiscourse, 2023-01-10
Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment Minister, Barbara Creecy is expected to visit the South African Antarctic Programme’s Research Station, known as SANAE IV, in Queen Maud Land. In a statement, the department explained that South Africa has had a presence in the Antarctic since 1960 and has contributed to scientific knowledge in the area and “played an active role in the management and conservation of the vast continent”.