Antarctic Watch Headlines 01/12/2023

Jang Bogo, South Korea’s high-tech Antarctic station and one of Scott Base’s neighbours, 2023-01-12
Combining futuristic design with ‘traditional Korean spirituality’, Jang Bogo is one of Antarctica’s most innovative research stations.

7 reasons Captain Scott’s Antarctic expedition failed
History TV, 2023-01-12
After failing his first attempt, when Captain Scott finally arrived at the South Pole on 17th January 1912, it should have been a moment of pure pride and joy. However, when he and his four companions reached their destination,

Kohler x Undaunted: Polar Explorer Robert Swan Reaches South Pole on Antarctic Expedition
YAHOO!Finance, 2023-01-12
Robert Swan, OBE (Order of the British Empire), arrived safely at Geographic South Pole on Jan. 10, 2023, successfully completing his 2023 Undaunted Expedition across the Antarctic landmass

Is Mass Cruise Tourism Safe for Antarctic Ecosystems?
MercoPress, 2023-01-10
By Elizabeth Leane, Anne Hardy, Can Seng Ooi, Carolyn Philpott, Hanne E.F. Nielsen and Katie Marx – As the summer sun finally arrives for people in the Southern Hemisphere, more than 100,000 tourists will head for the ice.

Clothing for Antarctica Cruise with a Printable Antarctic Packing List
Sometimes Sailing on, 2023-01-12
Going to the Antarctic is an exciting prospect. And when a dream to reach this “7th continent” becomes a reality, you should consider clothing for Antarctica and what else you should pack for a trip to the Antarctic.

Antarctic Krills (Euphausia superba) Market 2023 : Impressive Growth Rate, Regional Insights, Competitive Outlook, and Geographical Divisions 2029
MarketWatch, 2023-01-11
Market Research Report is spread across 108 Pages and provides exclusive data, information, vital statistics, trends, and competitive landscape details in this niche sector. Antarctic Krills (Euphausia superba) Market Size is projected to Reach Multimillion USD by 2029,

Help! A Check-In Agent’s Mistake Made Me Miss an Antarctic Cruise and I’m Out $17,000.
The New York Times, 2023-01-06
An American Airlines error kept a traveler from getting to her cruise’s departure, but the carrier wouldn’t take financial responsibility and her trip insurance refused to pay. Then our columnist stepped in.

Antarctic-trekking University of Leicester professor gets Polar Medal
YAHOO!News, 2023-01-08
An Antarctic-trekking academic has been awarded the Polar Medal. Prof John Smellie, from the University of Leicester, was given the accolade by King Charles III. It is the second time he has received the medal,

Like working in outer space: inside Antarctic recruitment
The Mandarin, 2023-01-09
The government is looking to recruit 150 people to assist in the running of its Antarctic research stations. Maree Riley, who leads recruitment f

Antarctic Krills (Euphausia superba) Market Is Expected To Witness Impressive Growth Between 2023 and 2028 | Including 111 Pages Report
MarketWatch, 2023-01-10
Market 2023 with 111 Pages Report and enhance with extents shares into sub-counties are covered in this market. Antarctic Krills (Euphausia superba) Market conditions can be influenced by a wide range of factors,