Antarctic Watch Headlines 01/21/2023

Meteorite hunters lug a 16.7-pound space rock from Antarctic ice
Popular Science, 2023-01-20
Of the roughly 45,000 meteorites retrieved from Antarctica over the past century, around 100 are this size or bigger.

Runaway West Antarctic ice sheet collapse not ‘inevitable’: study
Japan Today, 2023-01-20
The runaway collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet — which would trigger catastrophic sea level rise — is not “inevitable”, scientists said, following research that tracked the region’s recent response to climate change.

Scientists blown away after spotting endangered Antarctic penguins from space
Daily Express, 2023-01-20
A colony of endangered emperor penguins has been found in Antarctica after being spotted from space by a telescope. Researchers were able to find the penguins thanks to the brown smudges of excrement the colony left behind.

Antarctic melting, major sea level rise is ‘not inevitable’ – study
The Jerusalem Post Blogs, 2023-01-17
Melting of the Antarctic ice cap is contributing to globally rising ocean levels. However, scientists have noticed that the rate of ice loss in one glacial section has slowed.

NASA Posts Pic Of “Less Common” Sharp-Angled, Rectangular Iceberg In Antarctic
NDTV, 2023-01-20
This rectangular iceberg was pictured in 2018 as part of Operation IceBridge, NASA’s longest-running aerial survey of polar ice.

Endangered Antarctic emperor penguins spotted from space
The Times, 2023-01-20
Scientists have discovered a colony of Antarctic emperor penguins from the vantage point of space, using the telltale brown smudges of their excrement to spot

British Antarctic Territory release of a stamp featuring an Emperor penguin chick
MercoPress, 2023-01-21
The British Antarctic Territory has announced the release of a beautiful new Airmail Postcard Rate stamp featuring an Emperor penguin chick. This new addition to the 2018 Penguins and Chicks Definitive issue has been released to replenish stocks of the existing 2016 postcard rate coil stamps,

Cruises, crowds and fragile ecosystems — the delicate dance of Antarctic tourism
National Observer, 2023-01-18
As the icy continent braces for a record summer, ecologists say more visitor caps and restrictions are needed to protect wildlife.

How stratospheric warming and a +AAO index over the Antarctic are influencing grains, natural gas and soft commodities
The Globe and Mail, 2023-01-20
How stratospheric warming and a +AAO index over the Antarctic are influencing grains, natural gas and soft commodities. by Jim Roemer – Meteorologist – Commodity Trading Advisor –

First ever footage of the Antarctic seabed reveals a thriving ecosystem threatened by ice melt
Yahoo Style UK, 2023-01-17
There, they explored the Antarctic seabed, never before seen by humans. The expedition took place at 65 degrees south (for context, Paris is 48.9 degrees south) and was intended to identify vulnerable ecosystems in the area.