Antarctic Watch Headlines 01/24/2023

Researchers Find Rare 17-Pound Meteorite in Antarctic Ice
Smithsonian Magazine, 2023-01-24
The polar desert is a prime zone for preserving space rocks dating back to our early solar system Carlyn Kranking Assistant Editor, Science and Innovation The 16.7-pound meteorite is thought to be an ordinary chondrite,

Widening chasm births Antarctic iceberg larger than Los Angeles
Live Science on, 2023-01-24
A widening chasm in Antarctica ‘s Brunt Ice Shelf, which forced Britain’s Halley Research Station to be moved to safety several years ago, has finally split in two and birthed a huge iceberg more than 20 miles (30 kilometers) across.

Giant New Iceberg the Size of London Breaks Off Antarctic Ice Shelf
CNET on, 2023-01-24
Please welcome a new iceberg to the planet. The British Antarctic Survey monitors activities on the Brunt Ice Shelf along the Weddell Sea in Antarctica. BAS announced the fresh berg in a statement on Monday,

Rare Antarctic meteorite is one of the largest ever found
New Scientist on, 2023-01-24
Antarctica is the perfect place to go meteorite hunting, as space rocks stand out on the wide fields of ice, and researchers have found a new crop

Climate change did not unleash giant Antarctic iceberg, scientists say
The Washington Post on, 2023-01-24
A yet-to-be-named, 600-square-mile iceberg broke away from an ice shelf Sunday, but researchers say the event appears to be part of a natural process.

Clouds part to reveal colossal Antarctic iceberg
BBC, 2023-01-24
It is on the Brunt Ice Shelf, which is the floating protrusion of glaciers that have flowed off the Antarctic continent into the Weddell Sea. On a map, the Weddell Sea is that sector of Antarctica directly to the south of the Atlantic Ocean.

Vast iceberg breaks off near UK Antarctic base, 2023-01-24
A huge iceberg nearly the size of Greater London has broken off the Antarctic ice shelf near a research station, the second such split in two years, researchers announced Monday.

DNA detector exposes hidden Antarctic krill, 2023-01-23
Like forensic investigators, scientists can use molecular techniques to detect evidence of Antarctic krill in seawater samples collected in the Southern Ocean. The revolutionary technology can identify Antarctic krill DNA within the alphabet soup of DNA molecules shed by numerous other marine creatures,

Iceberg the Size of London Breaks Off Near Antarctic Research Base
Yahoo, 2023-01-24
An iceberg measuring 1,550 square kilometers (598 sq. miles) — roughly the size of Greater London — broke away from the Brunt Ice Shelf near a research station in Antarctica on Sunday, January 22, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) said on Monday.

Ben Fogle to recreate historic adventurers’ Antarctic journeys for TV
YAHOO!News, 2023-01-24
Ben Fogle is set to recreate Captain Robert Falcon Scott, Sir Ernest Shackleton and Roald Amundsen’s Antarctic exploration journeys using only Edwardian trekking equipment. The presenter is making a new three-part series for Channel 5,