Antarctic Watch Headlines 01/29/2023

Huge iceberg breaks off in the Antarctic: What is an iceberg and how do they affect the environment? on, 2023-01-28
Earlier this week a huge block of ice, roughly the size of Greater London, became dislodged from an ice formation in the Antarctic and formed a giant iceberg in the ocean. The iceberg is thought to be about 600 square miles.

Russian Antarctic vessel docks in South Africa as green groups protest
Reuters on, 2023-01-28
The Akademik Alexander Karpinsky, a Russian polar explorer ship, arrives in Cape Town harbour, South Africa. REUTERS/Shelley Christians

Rare Antarctic meteorite found by following satellite ‘treasure map’
Yahoo, 2023-01-28
Guided by a ‘meteorite treasure map’, scientists have found an extraordinary specimen — one of the largest meteorites ever recovered from Antarctica. Over the past two months, researcher Vinciane Debaille of the Free University of Brussels led a team of scientists across the barren terrain of Antarctica on a search for meteorites.

Russian Antarctic vessel docks in Cape Town as green groups protest
Sowetan LIVE, 2023-01-29
A Russian research vessel which has been prospecting for oil and natural gas in the Antarctic docked in South Africa on Saturday following protests by green campaigners.

Satellite radar spies big Antarctic iceberg
BBC, 2023-01-27
Antarctica’s new mega-berg, A81, is observed by Finnish company Iceye’s satellite radar system. Read more: UK polar base secure after big iceberg breakaway

Widening chasm births Antarctic iceberg larger than Los Angeles
Live Science on, 2023-01-24
A widening chasm in Antarctica ‘s Brunt Ice Shelf, which forced Britain’s Halley Research Station to be moved to safety several years ago, has finally split in two and birthed a huge iceberg more than 20 miles (30 kilometers) across.

Researchers Find Rare 17-Pound Meteorite in Antarctic Ice
Smithsonian Magazine, 2023-01-24
The polar desert is a prime zone for preserving space rocks dating back to our early solar system Carlyn Kranking Assistant Editor, Science and Innovation The 16.7-pound meteorite is thought to be an ordinary chondrite,

UK Antarctic base experiences two berg breakaways
BBC, 2023-01-26
Britain’s Halley base has witnessed two big icebergs calvings in the past couple of years. Both have been city-sized. The block known as A74 broke away in February 2021. The most recent calving, of A81,

What a BYU researcher learned about Antarctic icebergs — including 1 bigger than Utah Valley
deseret on, 2023-01-23
BYU professor David Long and his students discovered was bigger than the Utah Valley. The iceberg measured 60 miles long and 20 miles wide.