Antarctic Watch Headlines 02/02/2023

Drilling campaign reaches a depth of 808 meters in the Antarctic ice sheet, 2023-02-01
In Antarctica, the second drilling campaign of the Beyond EPICA—Oldest Ice project, at the remote field site Little Dome C, has been successfully completed. This project is an unprecedented challenge for paleoclimatology studies and its goal is to go back 1.

This ancient Antarctic ice reveals 50,000 years of vital climate change history
Euronews on, 2023-02-02
Scientists are collecting 50,000 year-old samples of ice from deep in the Antarctic ice-shelf. The ice – collected from 808 metres below the surface – provides an insight into earth’s climate history,

As ice recedes, Italian ship makes record journey into Antarctic
Reuters on, 2023-02-01
An Italian ice-breaker carrying scientists researching in the Antarctic has sailed further south than any ship has done before, the organisers of the voyage said on Tuesday, a further sign of how ice is retreating around the poles.

Overwatch 2 Reveals New Antarctic Peninsula Map for Season 3
MSN, 2023-02-02
Overwatch 2 has officially revealed the Antarctic Peninsula map that’s coming to the game as part of Season 3. Overwatch 2 Season 3 is expected to start on Tuesday, February 7, but it will stand out from the previous two seasons in one important way.

Overwatch 2’s new Antarctic map has ice drills, fishing, and immortal penguins
PC Gamer, 2023-02-02
Season 3’s new Control map brings new locations and snow tech to the FPS. Overwatch 2’s new Antarctic Peninsula map will drop with the launch of season 3 on February 7, and in it, you can find penguins, snow, and a sort-of-functional ice fishing spot.

Italian research ship claims record journey deep into Antarctic
Reuters on, 2023-01-31
An Italian ice-breaker carrying scientists researching in the Antarctic has sailed further south than any ship has done before, the organisers of the voyage said on Tuesday. The Laura Bassi vessel reached a point with the coordinates of 78° 44.

Scientists Discover a New Cause of Melting Antarctic Ice Shelves
SciTech Daily, 2023-01-31
A process that can contribute to the melting of ice shelves in the Antarctic has been discovered by researchers. An international team of researchers has discovered that adjacent ice shelves play a role in causing instability in others downstream.

Rare Antarctic meteorite found by following satellite ‘treasure map’
Yahoo, 2023-01-28
Guided by a ‘meteorite treasure map’, scientists have found an extraordinary specimen — one of the largest meteorites ever recovered from Antarctica. Over the past two months, researcher Vinciane Debaille of the Free University of Brussels led a team of scientists across the barren terrain of Antarctica on a search for meteorites.

Russian Antarctic vessel docks in South Africa as green groups protest
Reuters on, 2023-01-28
The Akademik Alexander Karpinsky, a Russian polar explorer ship, arrives in Cape Town harbour, South Africa. REUTERS/Shelley Christians

Researchers Find Rare 17-Pound Meteorite in Antarctic Ice
Smithsonian Magazine, 2023-01-24
The polar desert is a prime zone for preserving space rocks dating back to our early solar system Carlyn Kranking Assistant Editor, Science and Innovation The 16.7-pound meteorite is thought to be an ordinary chondrite,