Antarctic Watch Headlines 02/03/2020

Lewis Pugh pulled off an Antarctic swim with just a cap, Speedo and goggles. Here’s why
India Today, 2020-02-03
‘It’s a swim which is saying: this place is under threat’

World renowned scientists to discuss climate solutions at McWane Science Center Feb. 8
Bham Now, 2020-02-03
I first met James McClintock, a UAB world renowned scientist and author in 2011. Back then, he vividly described to me how Antarctica, the place where he had spent decades conducting life-saving research, was melting away. Unfortunately, what he was witnessing, nearly a decade ago hasn’t changed. It is getting worse. Now, more than ever …

Massive starvation of Adelie penguin chicks; allegedly extensive ice late in summer to blame
Uruguay News, 2020-02-01
Thousands of Adelie penguin chicks died in Antarctica early this year, in an event now prompting conservationists to call for the urgent protection of east Antarctic waters. Scientists studying a …

Can Republicans turn over a new leaf on climate change?
Washington Post, 2020-02-03
After going back to private life, Inglis decided to run again for Congress. His son insisted that he wise up on climate change. Then Inglis went on a congressional trip to Antarctica and looked at bore samples of polar ice. “It is an amazing record of the Earth’s atmosphere,” he said. That convinced him that human activity since the …

Central Florida doctor to run 7 marathons across 7 continents in 7 days
Click Orlando, 2020-02-03
The challenge begins Thursday in Antarctica and ends next week in Miami. Dr. Allen is using the opportunity to raise awareness surrounding the importance of mental health, as well as to raise funds for the Mental Health Association of Central Florida. An anonymous donor will also be matching donations up to $15,000.

SoDA and FITC Partner for the 2020 SoDA Academy in June
Virtual-Strategy, 2020-02-03
SoDA is the leading global network for digital agency leaders, creative innovators and technology disruptors. With more than 100 agencies spanning 6 continents (sorry, nothing in Antarctica yet), our members help the world’s most progressive brands imagine and create the future of digital experiences. More about SoDA, our programs and our …

Shooting for the stars
The Star, 2020-02-03
Having worked in every continent, Heng has a few favourite locations – Bhutan, Peru and Bali for their culture; Iceland, Antarctica and Morocco for their landscapes; and Italy (Tuscany), Portugal and Japan for their architecture and food. However, his favourite country remains Malaysia. “It’s not perfect but it’s home. There may be a …

50 ways to spend a Colorado snow day, 2020-02-03
Then suck all the fur off your couch. Make freeze-ahead dinners. The ones you wish you had right now. Go rooftop luging. Get kids the Lil’ Capt. Robert Scott Antarctic Expedition playset. Shovel through piles of climate change theories. Shred your pile of old documents. Better yet, multitask. Use them to light up the fireplace. Change the …

3 ways IBE exhibiting brands stood out from the crowd
Cosmetics Design, 2020-02-03
Seung Woo Hong founded Serumkind in November of last year. At IBE LA, the new skin care brand showed a collection 5 serums—each with its own natural hero ingredient (black tulip, purple cabbage, moss, sea buckthorn, and a microbe from the Antarctic). Serumkind stood out for not only its brand concept and colorful product but also with …

Survey In Extreme Isolation Successfully Maps Bird Preserve
POB, 2020-02-03
Aside from brief visits by sealing and whaling vessels in the early 19th century, Gough Island has never had notable human habitation. A handful of scientific surveys, including a 1922 visit by famed Antarctic pioneer Ernest Shackelton, established the island as a valuable site for geological, biological, and ornithological research.