Antarctic Watch Headlines 02/05/2020

The world’s oceans are speeding up — another mega-scale consequence of climate change
Washington Post, 2020-02-05
It’s the latest dramatic finding about the stark transformation of the global ocean — joining revelations about massive coral die-offs, upheaval to fisheries, ocean-driven melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, increasingly intense ocean heat waves and accelerating sea level rise. “The Earth is our patient, and you look for …

January 2020 Was Europe’s Hottest on Record
Bloomberg on, 2020-02-05
Last month was 5.6 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than normal, according to Copernicus climate data Scientists confirmed Wednesday what struggling European reindeer herders and disappointed skiers already suspected: unusual winter heat just broke another temperature record.

Man’s record-setting pizza box collection must’ve cost him a lot of dough
New York Post, 2020-02-05
The pizza aficionado, who runs Scott’s Pizza Tours, neatly packs his boxes into his two-bedroom apartment. The diverse collection — with boxes from Antarctica to Italy — is artfully displayed paired with pizza-themed baseball hats in his office, piled into neat stacks on the dining room floor, or flattened and shelved in his closet.

New York man collects more than 1,500 unique pizza boxes, 2020-02-05
The apartment of Scott Wiener in Flatbush, Brooklyn, is filled with pizza boxes from locations as far away as Antarctica and the Faroe Islands. Wiener was awarded the Guinness World Record in 2013, when his collection amounted to 595 different boxes. He said his collection has since ballooned to more than 1,500, allowing him to hold on to the …

Constructing the self in ‘One’s Behavior’
The Japan Times, 2020-02-05
A sketch by Shinji Ihara of a member of a cruise ship’s crew | © SHINJI IHARA, COURTESY OF KEN NAKAHASHI GALLERY Shinji Ihara’s installation of recordings on cassette, drawings, and photographs tucked into the cassette boxes provides disjointed visual and audio fragments of a trip to Antarctica. Ihara narrates stories of his encounters …

January 2020 Becomes Earth’s Hottest January on Record Due to Unprecedented Warming in Europe
The Weather Channel, 2020-02-05
has estimated that average temperature during January 2020 was 0.77°C warmer than normal (average temperatures between 1981-2010).

Koch heads home after record-setting mission
Spaceflight Now, 2020-02-05
While very different from the controlled environment aboard the space station, cold weather was nothing new to Koch, who spent multiple winters in Antarctica and Greenland as a research engineer …

Europe posts its warmest January on record
The Boston Globe, 2020-02-05
The heat wasn’t confined just to Europe. ‘‘Temperatures were also much above average over most of the USA and eastern Canada, over Japan and parts of eastern China and Southeast Asia, over the state of New South Wales in Australia and over parts of Antarctica,’’ according to Copernicus. The entirety of Russia was anomalously toasty as …

UCLA scientists develop record-setting hydrogel coating
Daily Bruin, 2020-02-05
It also set a record for the longest time elapsed before ice formed at subzero temperatures, according to the study. Inspired in part by the biological mechanisms that prevent the blood of some Antarctic fish species from freezing, the coating is composed primarily of water and the polymer polydimethylsiloxane. The three ways in which the …

January 2020 becomes Earth’s warmest January on record
WQAD, 2020-02-05
Many parts of the world also experienced above-average temperatures including the United States, eastern Canada, Japan, eastern China, Southeast Asia, New South Whales in Australia and a few locations in Antarctica. Temperature records suggest that the top seven warmest years on record are all from the last decade (2010-2019) and the world’s …

Emirates supports mission to raise environmental awareness and foster sustainability education
Travel PR News, 2020-02-05
Emirates supported Ameera, Maitha Al Zaabi and Shurooq Al Sharhan to travel to Norway and begin their Arctic expedition. This was Ameera’s third expedition, after travelling to Antarctica in 2015 and 2016. While on the expedition, Ameera and her companions saw first-hand the melting of glaciers and breaking chunks of icebergs. Plastic …