Antarctic Watch Headlines 02/06/2020

Antarctica: tower block-sized ice mass smashes into sea
Euronews, 2020-02-06
The moment a tower block of ice broke off from a glacier in Antarctica was captured on camera last week. The huge slab toppled from the William Glacier and rolled into the waters of Börgen Bay, Anvers Island, on Thursday, January 30 2020. Scientists on the British Antarctic Survey ship, the James Clark Ross – from which the collapse of the …

National Geographic Alleges Portland Endurance Athlete Colin O’Brady Exaggerated His “Impossible” Journey Across Antarctica
Willamette Week, 2020-02-06
An explosive investigation published this week by National Geographic alleges that Portland endurance athlete Colin O’Brady embellished aspects of his celebrated history-making solo trek across Antarctica. In a lengthy feature published Sunday, the magazine spoke to several polar explorers—including some of his mentors—who claim O’Brady …

The world’s biggest iceberg, 6.000 sq km, is about to enter the open ocean heading for South Georgia
Uruguay News, 2020-02-06
A68, a colossus that broke free from the Antarctic in 2017, has pushed so far north it is now at the limit of the continent’s perennial sea-ice. When it calved, the berg had an area close to 6,000 …

Out with the old, in with the new: 2020 Drinks Trends
Keith Prowse, 2020-02-06
The disturbing images of plastic waste being consumed by albatrosses in Antarctica parents feeding straws to their chicks created a public outcry and perception was changed almost overnight. Ethical issues aside, given that taste is enhanced through smell, why were we using straws at all? The health-conscious consumer and innovative drinks …

The Energy 202: 2020 Democrats play up climate plans as a way to win in New Hampshire
Washington Post, 2020-02-06
“It’s the latest dramatic finding about the stark transformation of the global ocean — joining revelations about massive coral dieoffs, upheaval to fisheries, ocean-driven melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, increasingly intense ocean heat waves, and accelerating sea level rise,” Mooney writes. — The problem with …

Are economists globally understating or overstating the cost of climate change?
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2020-02-06
“There is good evidence that we are rapidly approaching, or may already have passed, the critical temperature at which destabilisation of the major land-based ice sheets in Greenland and West Antarctica becomes inevitable,” Mr Ward says. This, he adds, would see several metres of global sea level rise. “Together, the Greenland and West …

Koch and crewmates back on Earth
Spaceflight Now, 2020-02-06
No stranger to cold weather, Koch spent multiple winters in Antarctica and Greenland as a research engineer with Johns Hopkins University and the national Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration before joining NASA’s astronaut corps in 2013. But the veteran surfer said before leaving the station that she was most looking forward to a walk on …

Kitchen Shrink: Fishing for the Future; Sustainable sea-loving spirits meet at Scripps Institution of Oceanography
LA Jolla Light, 2020-02-06
On-hand for scientific amazement and amusement was a 30,000 year-old ice core from Antarctica in case mixologists ran short of cubes. Meeting, greeting and tasting at this event made me feel empowered as part of the solution to the problems that plague our seas and marine life. Now for a final sustainable contribution, see the recipe (opposite …

The Choice is Obvious
Flathead Beacon, 2020-02-06
Then climate change? Good God, yes, it is absolutely imperative to research facts but not from the MSM, which won’t inform anyone about climate history which includes things like the “mini ice age” or the “Medieval Warming Period” or the fact that the Antarctic and Arctic ice sheets have actually grown during the last few years.