Antarctic Watch Headlines 02/09/2023

Passenger deaths on Antarctic cruises prompt Coast Guard investigation
The Washington Post on, 2023-02-09
Four U.S. citizens died and more were injured during Antarctic cruises late last year, leading the U.S. Coast Guard to investigate four incidents that occurred in a span of less than three weeks. According to a news release,

Antarctic ice hits record low for January: climate monitor, 2023-02-08
The Antarctic Ocean area covered by ice was the lowest on record for January, exposing Earth to even more planet-warming heat, scientists reported Wednesday.

Antarctic Sea Ice Shrank to Lowest Extent on Record in January
Democracy Now, 2023-02-09
In climate news, researchers reported Wednesday that the area of the Antarctic Ocean covered by sea ice shrank to its lowest extent on record for January, in the latest sign that global heating is accelerating. The European Union’s Copernicus climate …

Tag team: A tale of two Antarctic blue whales, 2023-02-07
Ten years ago, Dr. Virginia Andrews-Goff was riding the bowsprit of a six-meter boat, as a 30-meter, 120-ton Antarctic blue whale surfaced alongside. That day in the Southern Ocean, she became the first and, so far, the only person, to deploy satellite …

As Antarctic fieldwork ends, a sexual harassment reckoning looms
Ars Technica, 2023-02-07
In September 2022, two months before Ph.D. student Megan Kerr was scheduled to board a military plane bound for the Antarctic ice sheet, she found herself in a conference room on Oregon State University’s campus,

Combined Antarctic-Arctic sea ice extent lowest this Jan, says report
The Indian Express, 2023-02-09
This year, the combined sea ice extent of the Antarctic and Arctic was also the lowest-ever for January, said the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).

Melting Of The Antarctic Ice Sheet
Barron’s, 2023-02-09
Anomalies compared to

‘Ice mermaid’ swimmer breaks two world records completing swim in Antarctic
The Independent on, 2023-02-09
A swimmer from Chile has broken two world records after completing the longest swim ever by a person in Antarctic waters © CBC English CBC English.png . Barbara Hernandez, nickna

The Antarctic and Arctic sounds rarely heard before
BBC, 2023-02-07
Singing ice, grunting seals and wailing whales… Get ready to hear some of the amazing sounds you might hear in the frozen lands of the Arctic and Antarctic. A project by two marine acoustic labs has revealed 50 rarely heard sounds recorded underwater in …

Kate Middleton celebrates record-breaking Antarctic trek, 2023-02-08
The Princess of Wales met with Captain Preet Chandi to celebrate the explorer’s record-breaking solo Antarctic expedition.