Antarctic Watch Headlines 02/12/2020

Chinstrap penguins in Antarctica declining sharply: Scientists
Manorama Online, 2020-02-12
Off Anvers Island, Antarctica: The number of chinstrap penguins in some colonies in Western Antarctica has fallen by as much as 77% since they were last surveyed in the 1970s, say scientists studying the impact of climate change on the remote region. The chinstrap penguin, named after the narrow black band under its head, inhabits the islands …

Ancient Antarctic ice melt increased sea levels by 3+ meters — and it could happen again
7th Space, 2020-02-12
While most Antarctic researchers drill down into the ice core to extract … This story has been published on: 2020-02-12. To contact the author, please use the contact details within the article.

Can Trump Win 20% of the Black Vote in 2020?
The Patriot Post, 2020-02-12
All the boxes are being checked, and leftists’ feet are to the fire. Democrats have far too long had the black vote in their back pocket. It’s like snow falling in the winter in Antarctica. You know what you’re going to get. The conversation goes something like this: Democrat Party: Well, you know it’s election time and I’m going to …

Pine Island Glacier Releases a Massive Iceberg in the Ocean
greatlakesledger, 2020-02-12
Climate change continues to affect Antarctica as glaciers made at an accelerated pace. The Pine Island Glacier is one of those that shrink at an impressive speed, and an iceberg broke off recently, proving that the trend continues to become more intense. A team of European researchers has monitored the glacier since massive cracks were detected …

Skylight plans Dennis DeYoung’s ‘Hunchback’ musical, ‘Spring Awakening’ with deaf and hearing performers
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2020-02-12
“Ernest Shackleton Loves Me,” Feb. 12-28, 2021. In this whimsical musical, a single mom and composer becomes involved in a time-bending romance with the great Antarctic explorer. “I tend to gravitate to impossible love stories,” Unger confessed. “The Fully Monty,” April 30-May 23, 2021. Unemployed steelworkers in dire straits band together to …

Greenhouse slash: Trump would gut climate, clean-power research
Roll Call, 2020-02-12
Schumer, D-N.Y., upbraided Trump for unveiling a budget that would aggravate climate change. “The Earth is on fire. Antarctica had a 64-degree record temperature this week,” Schumer said. “What is the president’s response? He douses the fire with the lighter fluid of weakened pollution regulations and then proposes cutting the fire …

Gigantic prehistoric rat the size of a human once walked the Amazon rainforest
Metro, 2020-02-12
Dr Ferreira said: ‘When Neoepiblema inhabited South America, carnivorous placental mammals such as felids, canids and ursids had not yet arrived on the continent, since the Isthmus of Panama was not yet formed and there was no terrestrial connection with Antarctica. It wouldn’t have had many predators – apart from crocodiles (SWNS …

The Energy 202: Climate concerns help boost Sanders and Buttigieg in New Hampshire primary
Washington Post, 2020-02-12
Fifteen years later, 10 states have similar laws. The BBC will produce a series about 17-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, the studio’s science unit announced Monday at its BBC Showcase trade show. Coming up: — Bing, bang, bong: This is what it sounds like when you drop a nine-inch ice core down a 450-foot deep hole in Antarctica.

9 Excellent Vacation Stocks to Buy
Nasdaq, 2020-02-12
If you feel that you’ve been clocking in more hours at the office than before, you’re not alone. According to data compiled by, one-third of Americans a week. And nearly 10 million of us work more than 60,

Google Earth Releases Free High-Resolution Wallpapers of Pakistan
ProPakistani, 2020-02-12
The images added are from places like the United States, Greenland, Venezuela, Australia, Antarctica, and Saudi Arabia. The upgraded images, as per Google’s blog post, are optimized for high-resolution screens featuring “brighter colors, sharper images, and resolutions up to 4K.” According to Google: Earth View has the power to elevate …

Silversea Cruises Opens Sales on Grand Voyage Arctic, 2020-02-12
He has conducted many expeditions in Greenland, Franz Josef Land, Antarctica, and the Canadian Arctic. • Dr. Chadden Hunter: A celebrated Director and Producer, Hunter has worked on some of the best-known natural history series ever made. He has dodged armed bandits, survived brain-parasites, and filmed everything from indigenous tribes in …

100 women of Estes Park – Margaret Clark
Estes Park Trail-Gazette, 2020-02-12
She traveled to every continent except Antarctica. As she lived her dream, her answer to her now-grown children’s various wants and needs was always, “Honey, you have to earn it.” For her part, she achieved all that she set out to do and died in Estes Park on her 100th birthday – all part of her plan.

Farmers across China resume production
ECNS, 2020-02-12
A villager works in fields in Matou Township of Tancheng County in Linyi City, east China’s Shandong Province, Feb. 10, 2020. Farmers across China have resumed production after taking necessary …

AAP says Mehrauli MLA’s convoy attacked; one killed
Webindia 123, 2020-02-12
The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Wednesday claimed unidentified men on Tuesday night opened fire on the convoy of its MLA-elect Naresh Yadav. The party said one person was killed in the attack.

Australian siblings Chengzhe and Chengyao are both in Wuhan, the centre of coronavirus outbreak
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2020-02-12
Australians Chengzhe, 2, and Chengyao, 4, are trapped in Wuhan. Chengyao holds a sign saying “Wuhan, add oil”, which means “keep fighting”.

Five-year-old Australian citizens Orla and her two-year-old sister Orli are currently trapped in Wuhan amid the coronavirus outbreak
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2020-02-12
Siblings Orla and Orli wearing protective clothing and masks as they step out in coronavirus-stricken Wuhan.