Antarctic Watch Headlines 02/13/2020

Leave the hat and gloves at home — if you’re going to Antarctica
New York Post, 2020-02-13
It’s hot times for the Earth coldest continent, as Antarctica registered its highest temperature ever this month when it reached a balmy 68 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a report Thursday. That’s 40 degrees warmer than the typical low temperatures in February in New York City, where an average cold night is 28.9 degrees Fahrenheit.

Shrinking Antarctic ice shelf Pine Island Glacier sheds giant iceberg
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2020-02-13
In one of the fastest-changing areas of the Antarctic ice sheet, satellites have captured the formation of a giant, 300-square-kilometre iceberg. Researchers monitoring satellite imagery of the Pine Island Glacier (PIG), in west Antarctica, first noticed two large rifts forming in the shelf in 2019. Over the next few months, as the glacier …

Researchers warn that ancient Antarctic ice melt fueled sea-level rise – and it could happen again
The Boston Globe, 2020-02-13
A new study finds that melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet during a warm period more than 100,000 years ago may have caused a multiple-meter rise in global sea levels, and the study’s authors are warning that it is a “deeply worrying” finding at a time of human-driven global warming. “This underlines the urgent need to reduce and …

‘Postcards’ from Antarctica
ECNS, 2020-02-13
A seal is seen on ice that floats near Fournier Bay, Antarctica, February 3, 2020. Picture taken February 3, 2020. (Photo/Agencies) Chinstrap Penguins swim near Two Hummock Island, Antarctica, February 2, 2020. (Photo/Agencies) A wounded whale that lost part of one of its fins swims near Two Hummock Island, Antarctica, February 2, 2020.

Ancient Antarctic Ice Melt Could Happen Again, 2020-02-13
Rising global temperatures and warming ocean waters are causing one of the world’s coldest places to melt. While we know that human activity is causing climate change and driving rapid changes in Antarctica, the potential impacts that a warmer world would have on this region remain uncertain. Our new research might be able to provide some …

The Massive GPU Cloudburst Experiment Plays a Smaller, More Productive Encore
HPCwire, 2020-02-13
As part of their efforts to study the data from the shockwaves that neutrinos send rippling through Antarctic ice sheets, the team executed a massive, unprecedented stunt: over the course of a couple of hours, they bought up as many cloud GPUs as they could manage and ran them in tandem in a single HTCondor pool, achieving a peak of 51,000 …

An iceberg nearly the size of Atlanta just broke off a glacier in Antarctica
ABC 17 News, 2020-02-13
An iceberg has broken off Pine Island Glacier (PIG) on the edge of Antarctica, according to satellite images taken Tuesday by the European Space Agency (ESA). And it’s a big one. At more than …

5 things to know for February 13: Coronavirus, Justice, 2020 Dems, Israel, oil spill
CNN, 2020-02-13
If your day doesn’t start until you’ve gotten up to speed on the latest headlines, then let us introduce you to your new favorite morning fix. Sign up here for the ‘5 Things’ newsletter. (CNN)Good morning,

Climate change could kill off one in three plant and animal species within 50 years
Metro, 2020-02-13
‘However, the rate at which they progress, and therefore the risk they pose, can be reduced by cutting our emissions.’ The collapse of major ice sheets on Greenland, West Antarctica and part of East Antarctica would cause roughly 10 metres of irreversible sea-level rise. If rainforests, permafrost and boreal forests die off, huge amounts of …

Global warming: The Earth just had its hottest January in recorded history
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2020-02-13
Warmer temperatures mean melting snow and ice. The extent of Arctic sea ice was 5.3 percent below the average from 1981-2010, and Antarctic sea ice was 9.8 percent below the average. The warmth from January continued the unusual warmth from 2019, which was the second-hottest year on record. The hottest January after the second-hottest year on …

Last month was hottest January on record, US scientists say
Washington Post, 2020-02-13
The extent of Arctic sea ice was 5.3% below the average from 1981-2010, and Antarctic sea ice was 9.8% below the average. The hottest January after the second hottest year on record “is one of those indications that things are warming dramatically,” said University of Illinois climate scientist Don Wuebbles.

Last month was the hottest January on record
YAHOO!, 2020-02-13
In 141 years of climate records, January 2020 was the hottest January yet, according to scientists from NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information. Global land and ocean surface temperatures were 2.

Climate Change Pushes January 2020 to Hottest in 141 Years
Bloomberg on, 2020-02-13
The year has started with the hottest January in the 141 years that global records have been kept, and it’s the biggest record-breaking margin—1.14° Celsius above the 20th century average—achieved without help from a warming El Niño event in the Pacific Ocean.

Last month was hottest January since records began, figures show
Shropshire Star, 2020-02-13
Last month was the hottest January since scientists began keeping temperature records in 1880, US officials said. The global average land and ocean surface temperature in January was 1.14C above the average January temperatures for the 20th century because …

Canada plans to support ban on heavy fuel oil in Arctic shipping, 2020-02-13
Heavy fuel oil (HFO), a thick viscous residual fuel that produces high amounts of soot, particulate matter and black carbon, is already banned in ships operating in Antarctic waters since 2011. The Canadian submission to PPR7 obtained by Radio Canada International says banning HFO in the Arctic would bring environmental benefits but would come …

NASA expects thousands to apply for astronaut jobs ahead of moon missions, 2020-02-13
NASA expects thousands of astronaut applications after it starts to accept them March 2, with enthusiasm fueled by the much anticipated return to human spaceflight this year.

New evidence frees 2 New Jersey men serving life sentences in 1995 double killing
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2020-02-13
At a hearing in 2016, he testified no one obtained a copy of the call until 2013. His trial lawyer admitted he hadn’t known of the tape, according to court documents. ‘Unsettling’: A massive iceberg twice the size of Washington, DC, broke off Antarctica

Fossilised shell of a turtle the size of a car discovered in South America
Metro, 2020-02-13
The largest specimen of the giant turtle Stupendemys geographicus, a male individual found in Venezuela, is seen in this picture (Reuters) When Stupendemys inhabited South America, carnivorous mammals had not yet arrived on the continent, since the Isthmus of Panama was not yet formed and there was no terrestrial connection with Antarctica.

Temperatures in Southern Hemisphere vs. Northern Hemisphere?
WGN-TV, 2020-02-13
These snow-covered and often sunless regions are without counterparts (except for Antarctica, which is separated from the land masses of the Southern Hemisphere by water in the south). What’s more, 81 percent of the Earth’s surface south of the Equator is water-covered versus only 61 percent north. Water moderates air temperatures …

NASA to accept applications for astronaut jobs in March, 2020-02-13
NASA expects thousands of astronaut applications after it starts to accept them March 2, with enthusiasm fueled by the much-anticipated return to human spaceflight this year.

Explore our weather, climate change at miSci in Schenectady
The Daily Gazette, 2020-02-13
It features a stirring series called “Polar Migration” by Diana Sudyka, a Chicago-based illustrator, that delves into how climate change is impacting polar bears and penguins in Antarctica. It’s a timely series, since the continent hit a record-breaking 65 degrees this week, the same temperature that San Diego was enjoying. Next to Sudyka …

Anheuser Busch Inbev NV (NYSE:BUD) Holdings Trimmed by Beach Investment Counsel Inc. PA, 2020-02-13
The company offers a portfolio of approximately 500 beer brands, including Budweiser, Corona, and Stella Artois; Beck’s, Castle, Castle Lite, Hoegaarden, and Leffe; and Aguila, Antarctica, Bud Light, Brahma, Cass, Cristal, Harbin, Jupiler, Michelob Ultra, Modelo Especial, Quilmes, Victoria, Sedrin, and Skol. Featured Story: Closed-End Mutual …