Antarctic Watch Headlines 02/14/2020

Climate Point: Antarctica finds itself in hot water
The Arizona Republic, 2020-02-14
Climate Point: Antarctica finds itself in hot water And another thing: Do we have a wildlife success story on our hands? Check out this story on

Antarctica registers record temperature of over 20 C, 2020-02-14
SAO PAULO, Brazil — Scientists in Antarctica have recorded a new record temperature of 20.75 degrees Celsius (69.35 Fahrenheit), breaking the barrier of 20 degrees for the first time on the continent, a researcher said Thursday. “We’d never seen a temperature this high in Antarctica,” Brazilian scientist Carlos Schaefer told AFP. He cautioned …

Temperature in Antarctica soars to a possible modern record of 69 degrees
Alaska Dispatch News, 2020-02-14
A weather research station on Seymour Island in the Antarctic Peninsula registered a temperature of 69.3 degrees (20.75 Celsius) on Feb. 9, according to Márcio Rocha Francelino, a professor at the Federal University of Vicosa in Brazil. The nearly 70-degree temperature is significantly higher than the 65-degree reading taken Feb. 6 at the …

Antarctica hits record high as temperature goes above 20C for first time in history
Metro, 2020-02-14
The temperatures in Antarctica at the moment are not normally seen on the continent (Picture: AFP) Scientists have recorded a new record temperature of 20.75°C for Antarctica. It is the first time in the history of recording temperatures on the continent that the mercury has risen above 20°C, experts said. However, Brazilian researcher Carlos …

Hottest January on record as Antarctica temperature hits 20C for first time
The Daily Telegraph, 2020-02-14
The news confirms a similar finding by the European Union’s climate monitoring service last week, which used slightly different data. It comes as the Antarctic has registered a temperature of more than 68F (20C) for the first time, prompting fears of climate instability. The temperature recorded by Brazilian scientists at Seymour Island on …

From a glacier break to record temperatures, Antarctica had quite the week in climate change
KEYT, 2020-02-14
This week, an iceberg the size of Atlanta broke off a glacier. Researchers discovered a dramatic decline in Antarctic penguin colonies. And Antarctica may have just registered its hottest temperature ever. In case all of that was not enough to make you at least a little concerned, yet another unusually high temperature was logged in the …

Giant Iceberg Half the Size of Mumbai Breaks off in Antarctica; Sparks Fears of Sea Level Rise
The Weather Channel, 2020-02-14
is located about 1,600 miles on the edge of West Antarctica, and is known to be the fastest shrinking glacier of the continent.

Climate Point: Antarctica finds itself in hot water
USA Today, 2020-02-14
(It is winter, after all.) But it turns out I could’ve gone to Antarctica to warm up. With the temperature hitting 65 degrees Fahrenheit, Antarctica saw what is likely its highest temperature …