Antarctic Watch Headlines 02/16/2023

Scientists: Antarctic‘s so-called “Doomsday Glacier” is in trouble, could collapse
CBS News, 2023-02-16
The results of the research reveal “a very nuanced and complex picture,” Peter Davis, an oceanographer at the British Antarctic Survey and a lead author on the other paper, told CNN. The scientists found even though the glacier is receding, the rate of …

Ozone depletion leads to Antarctic upper-stratospheric warming in winter, 2023-02-16
Since the discovery of the Antarctic ozone hole in the 1980s, numerous studies have pointed out that this depletion of ozone in the Antarctic has important impacts on global climate change, and that the changes in Antarctic stratospheric temperatures …

Brinicles: the icy fingers of death beneath the Antarctic Ocean
The Guardian, 2023-02-16
In fact it is an unusual underwater phenomenon, sometimes found in the Antarctic Ocean. The name brinicle is a combination of brine and icicle, and they grow downwards from sheet ice. The freezing process forces out salt, creating intensely cold …

‘Extreme situation’: Antarctic sea ice hits record low
The Guardian, 2023-02-15
The impact of the climate crisis in melting sea ice in the Arctic is clear in the records that stretch back to 1979. Antarctic sea ice varies much more from year to year, which has made it harder to see an effect from global heating. However …

As Antarctic sea ice hits lowest-ever level, scientists also worry for ‘Doomsday Glacier’
Global News on, 2023-02-16
Scientists released a report claiming the record-breaking loss of floating ice may be a sign that the Antarctic is now starting to react to general planetary warming.

Antarctic Ocean Ice Melts To Record Low. How This Impacts Global Warming
NDTV, 2023-02-16
The Antarctic Ocean area covered by ice has shrunk to a record low, exposing the thicker ice shelves buttressing Antarctica’s ground ice sheet to waves and warmer temperatures, scientists reported Thursday.

Antarctic researchers say a marine heatwave could threaten ice shelves
Ars Technica, 2023-02-14
Research scientists on ships along Antarctica’s west coast said their recent voyages have been marked by an eerily warm ocean and record-low sea ice coverage—extreme climate conditions, even compared to the big changes of recent decades,

Antarctic rower earns 10 Guinness World Records
UPI on, 2023-02-15
An Austrian woman traveled to Antarctica with an expedition ended up earning 10 Guinness World Records, including becoming first woman to row on the Southern Ocean.

Warming seas are carving into massive Antarctic glacier that could trigger sea level rise
The Boston Globe on, 2023-02-15
Using an underwater robot at Thwaites Glacier, researchers have determined that warm water is getting channeled into crevasses in what the researchers called ‘’terraces’’ — essentially, upside-down trenches — and carving out gaps under the ice.