Antarctic Watch Headlines 02/18/2020

Ninja High School – and Antarctic Press – Celebrate 35 Years In May 2020
Bleeding Cool, 2020-02-18
In May 2020, Antarctic Press will publish Ninja High School #177 by Ben Dunn, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the comic book – and the publisher who began with its first issue, Antarctic Press. Not only will it publish the issue, which will see the return of the school, and with original characters who escaped to another reality …

Hugh Broughton Architects and Ramboll design aerodynamic Antarctic research centre
Dezeen, 2020-02-18
Construction has begun on the Discovery Building for the British Antarctic Survey’s research station in Antarctica, designed by Hugh Broughton Architects and Ramboll with NORR and Turner & Townsend. The operations centre is being built at the Rothera Research Station on Adelaide Island, which is the base for British research in Antarctica and …

U.N.: Antarctic high-temp records will take months to verify
E&E, 2020-02-18
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Polar Bears Losing Weight, Having Fewer Cubs Due to Retreating Sea-Ice
The Weather Channel, 2020-02-18
A new study has highlighted the severe impact of the retreating sea-ice on the reproductive, nutritional and behavioural lifestyle of the polar bears—the poster child for the impact of climate change.

Falklands’ port development partner is also modernizing BAS Rothera station and a new wharf for RRS Sir David Attenborough
Uruguay News, 2020-02-18
In effect, BAM Nuttall is involved in the building of the British Antarctic Survey’s largest facility at Rothera Research station. The project is being delivered by the Antarctic Infrastructure …

Recipients revealed for CCA recognition
Scuttlebutt Sailing News, 2020-02-18
Soudée receives the Young Voyager Award for a five-year voyage including sailing the Northwest Passage and Antarctica, accompanied by his first mate, a chicken named Monique. Soudée was 22 when he first set out from his home island of Yvinec in Brittany.

Mark Waid Appointed as Publisher Of Humanoids
Bleeding Cool, 2020-02-18
A well as working for Humanoids, Waid also writes a number of titles for Marvel Comics, including Doctor Strange. He is also involved in litigation with Richard Meyer over their relationship with Antarctic Press. “Humanoids is internationally renowned for its history of publishing prestigious, groundbreaking graphic novels,” said Humanoids CEO …

Ottawa supports heavy fuel ban for Arctic; northerners seek compensation
Toronto Star, 2020-02-18
It has been banned in the Antarctic for years. The Arctic ban is now supported by seven out of eight countries in the region. Russia is the only holdout. Replacement fuels are more expensive. Arctic communities depend on ocean transport for supplies …

These 13 Women Are Among The Game Changers Of The Travel Industry
Forbes, 2020-02-18
Women have established themselves as a powerful force in the travel industry as demonstrated, in part, by these 13 “Game Changers.”

Prince Charles: ‘We really do have to pull our fingers out now’
The Daily Telegraph, 2020-02-18
because all the scientists and all the observation and evidence says that we are causing a much more rapid rise in temperature and a much more rapid destruction of the Arctic and now the Antarctic than was originally thought. “It is a question of trying to put the fire out very quickly and the real issue is how do we rapidly decarbonise?”

Global Mobile Satellite Services Market 2020 Latest Technology, Recent Developments, Statistics and Business Opportunities till 2025
MarketWatch, 2020-02-18
The Global Mobile Satellite Services Market was valued at USD 3502.08 million in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 5024.28 million by 2025, at a CAGR of 6.2% over the forecast period 2020 – 2025. The usage of satellite communication services for IoT,

I was considered rather dotty, says Charles of 1970 environment warning
Shropshire Star, 2020-02-18
He added that scientists and evidence indicates that people are causing a “much more rapid rise in temperature and a much more rapid destruction of the Arctic and now the Antarctic” and “it is a question of trying to put the fire out very quickly and the real issue is how do we rapidly decarbonise?” Advertising In his 1970 address …

Canada comes out in favour of heavy fuel oil ban in Arctic, 2020-02-18
An update on HFO ban discussions at the London PPR meeting is expected on Friday. Heavy fuel oil has been banned in Antarctica since 2011. Eilís Quinn is a journalist and manages Radio Canada International’s Eye on the Arctic news cooperation project.