Antarctic Watch Headlines 02/18/2023

Elephant seal remains show Antarctic sea was warmer in the mid-to-late Holocene, 2023-02-17
Studying the response of Antarctic ice sheets to past warming episodes is essential to understand how they may respond to the present warming climate, as their melting and collapse can contribute to global sea level rise.

Scientists: Antarctic‘s so-called “Doomsday Glacier” is in trouble, could collapse
CBS News, 2023-02-16
The results of the research reveal “a very nuanced and complex picture,” Peter Davis, an oceanographer at the British Antarctic Survey and a lead author on the other paper, told CNN. The scientists found even though the glacier is receding, the rate of …

Ozone depletion leads to Antarctic upper-stratospheric warming in winter, 2023-02-16
Since the discovery of the Antarctic ozone hole in the 1980s, numerous studies have pointed out that this depletion of ozone in the Antarctic has important impacts on global climate change, and that the changes in Antarctic stratospheric temperatures during austral winter are of great significance to ozone depletion and the formation of the ozone hole.

‘Extreme situation’: Antarctic sea ice hits record low
The Guardian, 2023-02-15
Sea ice helps protect glaciers and ice caps that would cause massive sea level rise when lost, scientists warn

Brinicles: the icy fingers of death beneath the Antarctic Ocean
The Guardian, 2023-02-16
In fact it is an unusual underwater phenomenon, sometimes found in the Antarctic Ocean. The name brinicle is a combination of brine and icicle, and they grow downwards from sheet ice. The freezing process forces out salt, creating intensely cold …

Antarctic sea-ice cover at its record low for second year in a row, recording it sooner than last year: Study
devdiscourse, 2023-02-18
Read more about Antarctic sea-ice cover at its record low for second year in a row, recording it sooner than last year: Study on Devdiscourse

Antarctic: Scientists reveal sea-ice hits new record low since 1979
Interesting Engineering, 2023-02-17
Scientists revealed the Antarctic’s sea ice has hit a new record low since 1979. However, with its considerable annual changes, is this something to worry about?

Professor David Vaughan OBE was a leading expert on the effects of climate change on glaciers in the Antarctic
BBC, 2023-02-17
Last Word spoke to BBC Climate Editor Justin Rowlatt, Director of the British Antarctic Survey Professor Dame Jane Francis and to Head of Department of Geography and Environment at Northumbria University Professor Andrew Shepherd.

Look: Antarctic rower earns 10 Guinness World Records
UPI News on, 2023-02-15
An Austrian woman traveled to Antarctica with an expedition ended up earning 10 Guinness World Records, including becoming first woman to row on the Southern Ocean.

Antarctic Dinosaurs’ exhibit will be on display at Witte Museum
KSAT, 2023-02-17
SAN ANTONIO – The Witte Museum is hosting the Field Museum in Chicago’s ‘Antarctic Dinosaurs’ exhibit this month. The exhibit can be seen from Feb. 25 through Sept. 10 in the Kathleen and Curtis Gunn Gallery at the Witte Museum. Guests can see full …