Antarctic Watch Headlines 02/20/2020

Punchline: DC Comics vs Antarctic Press Vs Bronx Heroes
Bleeding Cool, 2020-02-20
Punchline is the name of The Joker’s new girlfriend, and her first appearances are driving eBay prices to increase levels of madness ahead of Batman #89 this week and Hell Arisen #3 the week afterwards. But she’s not the only Punchline in comics and not everyone is happy about it. On February 10th, shortly after DC Comics’ Punchline character …

Scientists get ‘whale’s-eye-view’ of life under the Antarctic sea ice
Metro, 2020-02-20
Scientists have gained a ‘whale’s-eye-view’ of life under the Antarctic ice after attaching cameras to the underwater mammals’ heads. A team from the University of California attached ‘tags’ to 30 minke whales using suction cups to ‘better understand the animals’ sea ice environment’.

Blue whale sightings soar 30-fold in a year as giants of the ocean ‘rebound’
The Daily Telegraph, 2020-02-20
Blue whales seen swimming in South Georgia Credit: British Antarctic Survey Blue whale sightings have soared around the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia in the south Atlantic, the British Antarctic Survey has said. A recent 23-day survey counted 55 animals, which experts say is unprecedented, as most years see just one or two animals.

Whisky Knows Her Toys
New York Times, 2020-02-20
A Border collie in Norway learned the names and categories of her many, many toys, just by playing a game with her owners. There’s something about a really smart dog that makes it seem as if there might be hope for the world.

Blind couple set out to visit all the countries in the world
Africanews, 2020-02-20
There are at least over 1 billion persons with disabilities worldwide. While this signifies a huge potential market for travel and tourism, it still remains vastly under-served due to inaccessible travel and tourism facilities. Services, as well as …

If Everyone Else Had An Electric Car, Would You Buy One Too?
WDET, 2020-02-20
The earth just saw the hottest January in more than 140 years of record keeping, and just weeks ago the hottest ever temperatures were recorded in Antarctica. We are living in the age of an impending climate crisis and for most of us, it seems like life goes on each day, business as usual. “Studies have shown that if we just get one house …