Antarctic Watch Headlines 02/21/2020

‘Antarctica Melts,’ NASA Says, Showing Effects Of A Record Warm Spell
NPR, 2020-02-21
Where there was a white ice cap, there are now brown blotches of land; melted snow and ice have created ponds of water. Those are the effects of the recent record high temperatures in Antarctica, according to NASA, which on Friday released stunning before-and-after satellite images of the northern Antarctic Peninsula. The photos center on Eagle …

NASA Images Show Dramatic Melting During Antarctica Heat Wave
The Weather Channel, 2020-02-21
Before and after satellite images show the impact of warmer weather in Antarctica.

Rising temperature trend is accentuated in Antarctica: researchers, 2020-02-21
ANTARTICA — As Antarctica became the latest place on Earth to smash its high temperature record, new studies are alerting humanity to the risks of continuing to warm the continent that is home to enough frozen water to lift global sea levels dozens of metres. On February 9, a team of researchers on Seymour Island, part of an archipelago …

Schultz: Cutter Funding Welcomed But More Investments Needed to Sustain Coast Guard
USNI, 2020-02-21
Our efforts in the Western Hemisphere are critical, and we are using every tool to combat this scourge,” he said. The Arctic and Antarctic regions remain geo-strategic flash points, Schultz said, and the U.S. “must up our game” by ensuring it has a fleet that can deploy and operate effectively – and against near-peer adversaries – in …

Ban on heavy fuel oil in Arctic full of loopholes, environmental group says
The Star, 2020-02-21
The fuel has long been banned in the Antarctic. YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN… Canada supported the ban coming into force in 2024. But Dumbrille, who was at the meetings in London, said the loophole was drafted to get Russia to sign. “Russia wasn’t going to sign on to the ban until the domestic waiver was put in place,” he said.

China-France oceanography satellite put into service
ECNS, 2020-02-21
The CFOSat can conduct high-resolution observations of ocean surface wind fields, which have been applied in monitoring typhoons, hurricanes, and the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice. The observation data will play an important role in global marine environment monitoring, disaster prevention and tackling climate change. During the in-orbit test …

Methane emissions from human activity 40 pct higher than previously thought: Australian study
China Internet Information Center, 2020-02-21
Researchers from the CSIRO extracted air from pre-industrial times from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. By comparing it to air analyzed by atmospheric monitoring stations they found that the amount of methane in the atmosphere has more than doubled since the 1700s. It revealed that there were only minor emissions of natural methane …

10 Stock Picks With Peter Lynch Qualities
Nasdaq, 2020-02-21
Peter Lynch, as manager of the Fidelity Magellan Fund (FMAGX) between 1977 and 1990, rode masterful stock picks to outsize gains. FMAGX delivered average annual total returns of more than 29% to fund investors during his 13-year tenure,

Ancient methane unlikely to cause massive greenhouse gas release
China Internet Information Center, 2020-02-21
Permafrost in the soil and methane hydrates deep in the ocean are large reservoirs of ancient carbon. Researchers at the University of Rochester drilled and collected ice cores from Taylor Glacier in Antarctica. The ice core samples contain tiny air bubbles with small quantities of ancient air trapped inside, acting like time capsules.

The Truth Behind Rising Sea Levels and Global Warming
The Patriot Post, 2020-02-21
Despite multiple influences on sea levels, some alarmist narratives focus exclusively on glacial melt. Why? To make people panic about melting glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic. Moreover, sea-level doomsday reports seldom address sea-level rise in previous centuries and millennia. Avoiding that supports the alarmist narrative, as it …

Argentina pressing Uruguay on Falklands’ RAF flights landing in Carrasco
Uruguay News, 2020-02-21
The Solá/Talvi meeting and lunch, also included Daniel Filmus, the new Malvinas, South Atlantic Islands and Antarctica Secretary, deputy foreign minister Pablo Tettamanti and ambassador Iribarne, and apparently according to Argentine media reports was when the Falklands issue was discussed. The diplomats thanked Talvi for Uruguay’s standing …