Antarctic Watch Headlines 02/22/2020

How Colin O’Brady crossed the world’s most unforgiving place in 54 days
New York Post, 2020-02-22
Adventurer Colin O’Brady felt like his hands were being crushed. It was his 48th day trudging through Antarctica, attempting to become the first person ever to walk the 930 miles from one end of the continent to the other completely unassisted. But battling through a particularly nasty storm, the 12-hour days spent gripping ski poles combined …

Puppy and pigeon snuggle in adorable viral photos
Detroit Free Press, 2020-02-22
Lundy and Herman have become internet sensations. Lundy is a 2-month-old Chihuahua who can’t walk and Herman is a pigeon who can’t fly.

Why Do Killer Whales Migrate? To Keep Their Skin Healthy, Scientists Say
The Weather Channel, 2020-02-22
Killer whales might be swimming thousands of miles each year to keep their skin healthy.

As The Navy Preps A New Force Structure, Debates Rage Over Robots
Forbes, 2020-02-22
Every time the U. S. Navy’s budget faces a shortfall, the U. S. Department of Defense looks longingly to robot ships and other high-end labor saving innovations. But others claim robots can do little

Sir Michael Palin on North Korea, coronavirus, Torchwood and Bellaghy
The Irish News, 2020-02-22
“In the case of Erebus, it was its first journey to the Antarctic that interested me – it demonstrated amazing success and such great bravery to stay down in the Antarctic in a small wooden boat for four years.” The Python star has also landed a key role in an upcoming Doctor Who spin-off release. He will be the narrator of a of a ‘haunted …