Antarctic Watch Headlines 02/23/2023

Frozen memories: rare Antarctic expedition images – in pictures
The Guardian, 2023-02-23
The National Archives of Australia has restored hundreds of fragile images of early 20th century expeditions

Antarctic sea ice hit record lows again. Scientists wonder if it’s ‘the beginning of the end’
CNN, 2023-02-21
Antarctic sea ice has reached record low levels for the second time in two years, with some scientists alarmed that dramatic drops are a signal the climate crisis may now be more clearly influencing this vast, complex and isolated region. The sea ice that …

‘The beginning of the end?’: Scientists sound the alarm as Antarctic sea ice hits record low for second year running
CNN on, 2023-02-21
Sea ice in Antarctica hit a record low this year and is “on a very steep downward trend,” a sign this complex and isolated region may finally be responding to the climate crisis.

How thick is Antarctic ice, and what is underneath?, 2023-02-22
Ice at the edge of the Antarctic continent hosts a flourishing ecosystem. Seals and penguins breed, fish mature, and algae thrive, all thanks to sea ice tethered to the shore, called fast ice. To understand how fast ice protects this ecosystem and to assess the area’s health and future,

Stronger El Niño events may speed up irreversible melting of Antarctic ice, research finds
The Guardian, 2023-02-21
New study shows impact of weather phenomenon could have a ‘double whammy’ effect, leading to worsening extreme weather and accelerating sea level rise Stronger El Niño events due to global heating may accelerate irreversible melting of the Antarctic …

Rare Giant Phantom Jellyfish, Oh My! Viking Expedition Ships Aid Antarctic Research
Forbes, 2023-02-22
Six guests, plus a pilot, sit in swiveling seats next to 270-degree spherical windows which are perfect for viewing the rare jellyfish that may swim by (though in the Antarctic you’re more likely to be admiring the underside of icebergs). The rarely …

From video to AI: Learning more about Antarctic blue whales, 2023-02-20
Video and photography have revealed tantalizing glimpses into the lives of Antarctic blue whales and spurred the development of automated ways to detect these critically endangered ocean giants. The research, led by scientists from the Australian Antarctic …

Antarctic: Scientists reveal sea-ice hits new record low since 1979
Interesting Engineering, 2023-02-17
Scientists revealed the Antarctic’s sea ice has hit a new record low since 1979. However, with its considerable annual changes, is this something to worry about?

I can’t feel fingertips after rowing in Antarctic seas
YAHOO!News, 2023-02-20
“I still can’t feel my fingertips and can’t wiggle my toes,” he says. “I couldn’t even walk to the bathroom from my bed without hanging on to things along the way.” Jamie was part of a crew of six who battled 30ft (10m) waves,

Antarctic expedition gets up close and personal with a melting glacier on, 2023-02-21
When Britney Schmidt piloted a robot down a narrow bore hole to explore the underbelly of the world’s widest glacier, she was amazed by what she saw — ice pockmarked by crevasses and staircase-like patterns.