Antarctic Watch Headlines 02/24/2020

A heat wave in Antarctica melted 20% of an island’s snow in 9 days
CNN, 2020-02-24
A nine-day heat wave scorched Antarctica’s northern tip earlier this month. New NASA images reveal that nearly a quarter of an Antarctic island’s snow cover melted in that time — an increasingly common symptom of the climate crisis.

Uncharted Antarctic Island Big Enough To See From Space Discovered Amid Record Heat
Forbes, 2020-02-24
Scientists have discovered a new island that has emerged in Antarctica, likely due to the effects of climate change, and named it Sif Island after a powerful Norse goddess and wife of Thor.

Editorial: No, a trillion more trees and baby-step oil company reforms won’t fix global warming
Los Angeles Times, 2020-02-24
Scientists at an Antarctic research station recently recorded a one-day air temperature of just under 70 degrees, a balmy afternoon in a region of the world unaccustomed to them. In fact, as far as researchers can tell, it has never been that warm in Antarctica before. The record was set against an increasingly scary global backdrop of rising …

Photo of Seals ‘Living’ in an Iceberg Wins Underwater Photographer of the Year 2020
PetaPixel, 2020-02-24
During an expedition in Antarctica Peninsula with filmmaker Florian Fisher and freediver Guillaume Nery, we explored and documented the hidden face of this iceberg where crab-eater seals have taken up residence on icebergs that drift at the whim of polar currents. Caption: During the dive that I took this image on I swam a grand total of about …

Netflix is testing an incredibly cheap new way of signing up for a subscription
Metro, 2020-02-24
Netflix is testing a very cheap new temporary subscription that’s designed to attract new customers. Potential subscribers in India will be able to sign up for a month at a cost of just five rupees – which works out to just over 50 pence.

Medical Monday: Walk like a penguin to avoid a fall
WXOW, 2020-02-24
LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – When it comes to icy conditions, few know navigating on foot better than the flightless bird native to the Antarctic. Naturally, it makes sense to take a page from the penguin’s book to avoid winter falls. Gundersen Health System’s Megan Anderson said a slip and fall on the ice can make for a quick trip to the emergency …

Silver Bay, Trident’s False Pass expansion makes Peter Pan a tougher sell
Undercurrent News, 2020-02-24
Antarctica Advisors, the prolific seafood advisory boutique Maruha Nichiro has tasked with selling Peter Pan, is marketing the company hard in an effort to widen the field, sources said. Canfisco, Silver Bay and Trident did not respond to requests for comment. Antarctica, Peter Pan and Maruha Nichiro also did not respond to requests for comment.

The big SF Travel and Adventure Show heads for Santa Clara in March
Mercury News, 2020-02-24
The big Travel and Adventure Show is headed back to the Santa Clara Convention Center March 21-22, bringing its usual heady mix of destination inspiration, educational seminars and travel tips. Top experts on travel and adventure — including Rick Steves,

The weather helps disprove the flat-Earth hypothesis
Washington Post, 2020-02-24
The flat-Earth “model” has a clear-cut North Pole, but what about a South Pole? The flat-Earth movement says the southern edge of the world is bordered by ice — Antarctica. It appears there is no definitive South Pole in the model, however. For starters, the southern lights, or aurora australis, are routinely visible in Antarctica and …

WhatsApp security alert: Strangers could get an invitation to your private group
Metro, 2020-02-24
Invitations to private WhatsApp groups have been published online and can be found with a Google search. The messaging app’s groups are supposed to serve as safe havens where users can speak to friends in total privacy.

Climate study shows methane ‘burp’ from melting tundra is unlikely
San Diego Union-Tribune, 2020-02-24
New research by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the University of Rochester eases long-standing fears that thawing Arctic permafrost could belch out mass amounts of climate-warming methane gas.

Ex-House Speaker Traveling Widely With FBI Probe Still Open
U.S. News & World Report, 2020-02-24
Social media posts show ex-Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger has traveled widely as a federal investigation into his travel and spending practices in public office remains open.

MS Roald Amundsen makes history as it reaches the ice edge at 70º south
Uruguay News, 2020-02-24
After crossing the Antarctic Circle earlier this week, Captain Torry Sakkariassen and his crew continued south; on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 at 4:14 PM Antarctica time, the Roald Amundsen reached the ice edge at 70º south. “Our guests are thrilled! This is what Hurtigruten’s expedition cruises are all about, pushing new frontiers and …

The Painful Hypocrisy of Jason Kenney
The Tyee, 2020-02-24
But is affordable housing really that important? Last month the Calgary Zoo cancelled its weekly penguin walk because staff determined it was too cold for the Antarctic birds to venture outside safely. Many of the almost 3,000 homeless residents of Calgary were not as lucky. Beyond obvious issues of safety and human dignity, slashing support …

Socialism, hate, climate follies
Red Bluff Daily News, 2020-02-24
‘I can think of an example (replied Scalise).’” Look up “A Bernie Bro Shot Steve Scalise,” Feb. 23. In a video setting the global warming record straight, “Climate Alarmists Fleeing to Antarctica,” Tony Heller refers to “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowd,” by Charles Mackay. Originally written in …