Antarctic Watch Headlines 02/27/2020

Antarctic ice walls protect glaciers from warm ocean water, 2020-02-27
Using data collected by an array of instruments deployed along the coast of West Antarctica, scientists were able to gain new insights into the influence of warm ocean currents on the continent’s ice shelves.

Coronavirus Is Out Of Our Control. Our Fear Of It Is Not.
Forbes, 2020-02-27
How we think and feel about about the coronavirus can reveal how we live with the fear we may experience, and how we allow that fear to control us.

Coronavirus, Bernie Sanders, Mets: Your Thursday Evening Briefing
New York Times, 2020-02-27
1. Federal health workers may have been exposed to the coronavirus without proper training or equipment and were then allowed to travel freely, a whistle-blower said. The whistle-blower, an official at the Department of Health and Human Services,

Legendary photographer Steve McCurry photographed Antarctica for the first time aboard Silversea’s Silver Cloud
Travel PR News, 2020-02-27
Monaco, Europe, 2020-Feb-27 — /Travel PR News/ — Legendary photographer Steve McCurry has photographed Antarctica for the first time in his career, travelling to the White Continent on a 10-day sailing from December 10, 2019, aboard Silversea’s Silver Cloud. McCurry crossed the Drake Passage to capture inspiring images of the Antarctic …

What we know about the Northern California coronavirus case, 2020-02-27
The virus, which originated in Wuhan, China has killed 2,772 people and sickened more than 81,000 as it has spread around the globe, reaching every continent except Antarctica. The CDC on Tuesday warned Americans that community spread is almost certain to occur, and to prepare for significant disruption in their daily lives. President Donald …

New US coronavirus case may be 1st from unknown origin
KHNL, 2020-02-27
The coronavirus has now caused more new cases outside China, the epicenter of the outbreak, than inside the country. With Brazil confirming Latin America’s first case, the virus has reached every continent but Antarctica. Health officials say a new coronavirus case in California could be the first in the U.S. that has no known connection to …

In Scramble to Stop Virus, Testing Raises Tough Questions
U.S. News & World Report, 2020-02-27
Health officials are confronting tough questions about testing to intercept the fast-spreading coronavirus, with scrutiny focused on a four-day delay in screening an infected California woman despite her doctors’ early calls to do so.

Hardest-hit China, South Korea count 938 new COVID-19 cases
City News, 2020-02-27
With Brazil on Wednesday confirming Latin America’s first case, the virus has reached every continent but Antarctica. The United States, which has 60 cases, hasn’t been spared the fear that has swept Asia, Europe and the Mideast. President Donald Trump declared that the U.S. was “very, very ready” for whatever threat the coronavirus …

WHO warns coronavirus is spreading quickly outside China
The New Daily, 2020-02-26
Pakistan’s health minister has also confirmed its first two cases of the virus amid concerns it is spreading rapidly outside China. Infections have been reported in every continent except Antarctica. Even as the number of fresh cases declines at the epicentre of the virus in China, there has been a sudden increase in parts of Asia …

UN assesses if Antarctica temperature reading is record high
WNYT NewsChannel 13, 2020-02-07
GENEVA (AP) – The U.N. weather agency said Friday that an Argentine research base on the northern tip of Antarctica is reporting a temperature that, if confirmed, could be a record high for the …

Antarctic fuel oil ban to impact on Falklands tourism
Uruguay News, 2020-02-03
FALKLANDS, Argentine, and Chilean cruise ship tourism is likely to be negatively impacted as a result of a ban on the use and carriage of Heavy Gas Oil (HGO) in Antarctic waters by the …

Your Thursday Briefing
New York Times, 2018-12-06
Good morning. We’re covering the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, a mass shooting at a brewery in Milwaukee, and the origins of deadly sectarian violence in New Delhi. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan asked all of the country’s schools to close for a month to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Can You Name The Seven Natural Wonders Of The World?
Forbes, 2020-02-28
What are the seven natural wonders of the world? Can you name the seven wonders of the world? I recently wrote an article on the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World and the Seven Modern Wonders. What are the seven wonders?

Cannibalism on rise among polar bears, say Russian scientists
The Jakarta Post, 2020-02-27
It has also significantly upgraded its military facilities there. Another Russian scientist, Vladimir Sokolov, who has led numerous expeditions by the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, based in Saint Petersburg, said this year polar bears had mainly been affected by abnormally warm weather on Spitsbergen Island to the west in Norway’s …

Asian markets fall as coronavirus continues to spread
CNN, 2020-02-28
Asia Pacific markets are falling Friday as fears about the novel coronavirus continue to spur a global sell-off.

Has Australia Imagined its Relaxed Identity?
New York Times, 2020-02-28
The Australia Letter is a weekly newsletter from our Australia bureau. This week’s issue is written by Michelle Elias, an intern with the Australia bureau. When the Wowser Nation art collective put up a poster in 2017 that said “Bondi Joggers Must Wear a Helmet,

I have trust issues
The Lowell Sun, 2020-02-27
Just to reassure me that this “climate crisis” is not like the others and I should trust the promulgators, I am continually presented with scenarios like the one that was revealed last week: News reports of 65 degree temperature recorded in the middle of Antarctica. There you have it, enough said. You had me at 65 degrees in Antarctica.