Antarctic Watch Headlines 03/02/2020

A 1979 Antarctic Expedition. A Vintage Seiko. This Is Their Story
Bloomberg, 2020-03-02
Although outsize attention gets paid to surprise $1 million flea market finds, the true joy of collecting vintage watches is in being connected with their history.

I swam under the Antarctic ice sheet
Metro, 2020-03-02
Antarctica might be the most remote place on the planet, but the rapid changes taking place there right now will impact every person, and every future generation.

Your coronavirus questions, answered
CNN, 2020-03-02
The novel coronavirus has infected tens of thousands of people around the world since the outbreak first began in China in late 2019. The virus has now been reported on every continent except Antarctica.

Uncharted island off the coast of Antarctica revealed by melting glacier
Metro, 2020-03-02
Melting ice in Antarctica has uncovered an uncharted island that researchers have christened ‘Sif Island’. The new landmass was noticed by scientists from the Thwaites Glacier Offshore Research project after receding ice made it visible for the first time.

Do face masks work? Medical experts explain how to protect yourself from coronavirus
CNBC, 2020-03-02
The WHO has declared the outbreak a global health emergency, with almost 60 countries reporting cases of the coronavirus.

Tourism in Antarctica: Edging toward the (risky) mainstream
The New Daily, 2020-03-02
In January, the Coral Princess, a ship with 2000 berths and a crew of nearly 900, ploughed through the frigid waters off the Antarctic Peninsula. The cruise, which had been advertised at less than $US4000 ($6000) per person, is remarkably cheaper than most Antarctic expeditions, which often charge guests at least three times that amount for the …

Coronavirus Outbreak Will Spread in New York City, Officials Warn
New York Times, 2020-03-02
“Community spread is going to be real,” Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said. “That is inevitable.” New York officials warned on Monday that the coronavirus was likely to spread in New York City, a day after confirming that a Manhattan woman had contracted the virus while traveling in Iran and was now isolated in her home.

Will Covid-19 kill the bull market?, 2020-03-02
With this, COVID-19 is now present in every continent except Antarctica. With COVID-19 now present in 49 countries, a global pandemic may be upon us. This scared the wits out of investors which …

Global Coronavirus Death Toll Passes 3,000
U.S. News & World Report, 2020-03-02
Roughly 88,000 people have the virus, which has been reported in more than 60 countries and on every continent except Antarctica. The vast majority of the deaths come from China, but at least 136 …