Antarctic Watch Headlines 03/04/2020

Cruise lines adapt travel restrictions as coronavirus spreads: See latest rules, waivers
USA Today, 2020-03-04
Travel restrictions:Aurora Expeditions does not have any cruises in Asia but its ship Greg Mortimer is operating its maiden season in Antarctica, so the company has adopted guidelines set out by CLIA and IAATO (International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators). Since Feb. 13, the cruise line has been administering pre-embarkation health …

“National Geographic” Rejects Portland Adventurer Colin O’Brady’s Request to Retract Its Exposé On His Historic Antarctica Crossing
Willamette Week, 2020-03-04
National Geographic has responded to Portland endurance athlete Colin O’Brady’s public rebuttal to the magazine’s controversial article claiming he embellished details of his history-making solo expedition across Antarctica, saying it stands by the article and will not honor O’Brady’s request for a retraction. On Feb. 2, in a piece titled “The …

Coronavirus shows future access post-Brexit to the EU’s health security system remains vital
The Daily Telegraph, 2020-03-04
Its subsequent spread to every continent (except Antarctica) serves as a reminder, if one is needed, that viruses and bacteria do not respect national boundaries. Closer to home, a woman who travelled by plane from northern Italy, via Dublin, to Belfast was confirmed as the first case in Northern Ireland. Passengers sitting close to her on the …

Coronavirus Precautions Must Make Sense, Says Public Health Officer
Santa Barbara Independent, 2020-03-04
giving some perspective to a pandemic that has gained a foothold in the United States and every continent save Antarctica. “But if you’re in the vulnerable population,” he warned, “judge very carefully what you are exposing yourself to.”

India identifies 29 coronavirus cases as global cases top 94,000
Q13 FOX News, 2020-03-04
Authorities around the globe are taking similar steps now that the virus has spread to more than 75 countries and territories across every continent except Antarctica. Since it was first …

Let’s be clear, COVID-19 is a pandemic, and Canada is at risk
National Observer, 2020-03-04
COVID-19 is a pandemic. The novel coronavirus, which first emerged in Wuhan, China, has now—as of March 4—infected people in over 75 countries, on all continents save Antarctica. There are now more than 94,000 cases worldwide with over 3,000 deaths.

This Day, 2020-03-04
Globally, there have been more than 85,000 cases with every continent registering the infection’s presence except the Antarctica. Last week, Nigeria reported that COVID-19 has made it here after all. So away with the story being mongered that Nigeria’s …