Antarctic Watch Headlines 03/04/2023

‘Everyone should be concerned’: Antarctic sea ice reaches lowest levels ever recorded
The Guardian, 2023-03-04
With the continent holding enough ice to raise sea levels by many metres if it was to melt, polar scientists are scrambling for answers

‘Everyone should be concerned’ as Antarctic sea ice reaches record low
The Irish Times, 2023-03-04
The continent’s fringing waters witness a big shift each year, with sea ice peaking at about 18 million square kilometres each September before dropping to just above two million square kilometres by February.

Antarctic Sea Ice Is at a Record Low — Again
Discover Magazine, 2023-03-03
As the sea ice shrivels, it raises the risk of a more rapid loss of land ice from major glaciers and ice sheets, which could hasten global sea level rise.

An Antarctic explorer watched his ship sink. A century later, it was found.
The Washington Post on, 2023-03-03
Three years later, however, Shackleton was back in the polar south, going for a consolation prize: the first crossing of the Antarctic continent. He failed at that, too, and this time it was a complex and perilous rescue effort that brought him glory.

Robot provides unprecedented views below Antarctic ice shelf
Science Daily, 2023-03-04
With the help of an underwater robot, known as Icefin, a U.S.- New Zealand research team has obtained an unprecedented look inside a crevasse at Kamb Ice Stream — revealing more than a century of geological processes beneath the Antarctic ice.

Fact check: Antarctic UFO images are modern digital art, not old photos
YAHOO!News on, 2023-03-02
Images show UFOs in Antarctica. An Instagram video shows two images of what appear to be saucer-shaped structures frozen in icy landscapes. “Two photos taken of an alle

Antarctic sea ice has reached a record low for the year, researchers say
ABC on, 2023-03-01
Scientists are keeping a close eye on the Antarctic ice shelf as recent activity could soon cause rapid melting and rising sea levels.

Many Antarctic glaciers are hemorrhaging ice. This one is healing its cracks
Science News, 2023-03-02
Scientists have explored the recesses of an Antarctic glacier that is currently stable, helping improve predictions of the continent’s fate.

The Antarctic ice sheet is melting. And this is bad news for humanity
The Conversation, 2023-03-01
The melting of the Antarctic ice sheet will contribute for a long time to sea level rise, which will test humanity’s capacity to adapt.

Antarctic ice reported to be at an all-time low
MercoPress, 2023-03-04
Antarctic sea ice was reported last Feb. 13 to consist of just 737,000 square miles (1.91 million square kilometers). These figures meant a significant drop from the 741,000 square miles (1.92 …