Antarctic Watch Headlines 03/06/2020

Coronavirus Cases Top 100,000 as Global Spread Accelerates
Bloomberg on, 2020-03-06
Global cases of the novel coronavirus crossed 100,000 on Friday as the pathogen races around the world, infecting people on every continent except Antarctica and hobbling the global economy. The vast majority of cases — more than 80,

The Megxit Countdown: Meghan Markle Attends The Endeavour Fund Awards With Harry And Preps For Her Last Weekend As A Working Royal
Forbes, 2020-03-06
Meghan Markle accompanied Prince Harry to the Endeavour Fund’s annual awards celebration on Thursday night. She’s got a long, last weekend of official engagements as a royal in front of her. She hasn’t seen her in-laws for months.

Yachts Are for More Than Lounging
New York Times, 2020-03-06
Some who own or charter superyachts want to take them on adventures, but the risks are high and insurers are balking.

From Ancient Syracuse to Trump’s Golf Course, Europe Is Shrinking
Bloomberg on, 2020-03-06
The sea is encroaching on nearly a fifth of the continent’s coastline. At the Trump Doonbeg golf course on Ireland’s west coast, the ocean has been inching closer to a private bar overlooking the 18th hole.

California Cruise Ship Passengers Await Coronavirus Test Results; U.S. Cases Pass 220
U.S. News & World Report, 2020-03-06
California Cruise Ship Passengers Await Coronavirus Test Results; U.S. Cases Pass 220 By E.J. Mundell and Robin Foster HealthDay Reporters FRIDAY, March 6, 2020 (HealthDay News) — Thousands of passengers stranded on a cruise ship linked to the California’s first coronavirus death anxiously waited COVID-19 test results Friday,

Aussie scientists map 100,000 km2 of uncharted seafloor
China Internet Information Center, 2020-03-06
The team, led by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), pulled into Perth on Friday bringing with them data and samples dredged from thousands of metres beneath the ocean surface. The main purpose of the voyage was to explore the break up of two tectonic plates — Broken Ridge and the Kerguelen Plateau, to the west and southwest …

Editorial: Employers must prepare for the unknown
The Colorado Springs Business Journal, 2020-03-06
From travel restrictions to the quarantining of entire cities, health and government officials the world over hope to slow the spread of the virus, which has, as of this writing, infected more than 90,000, killed more than 3,000, and is present on every continent, save Antarctica. Here in the United States, businesses are also grappling with …

Black Carbon Triggers Large-Scale Melting of Gangotri Glacier, Threatening Region’s Water Security
The Weather Channel, 2020-03-06
As for this year, nine days of abnormally high temperatures in early February resulted in extremely rapid ice melting Antarctica, with one of its islands losing as much as 20% of ice. On February 6, 2020, Antarctica also experienced its hottest temperature on record. Closer to home, the Hindu-Kush Himalayan glaciers, which are the biggest …