Antarctic Watch Headlines 03/10/2023

A deeper dive into wintry, carbon-absorbing Antarctic waters, 2023-03-09
Every year as the austral winter sets in, frigid Antarctic air blasts the Southern Ocean. The chill dissipates the warmth of the ocean’s surface water, and cold, dense layers form in the sea’s upper reaches.

Antarctic Sea Ice Hits a Record Low, but Role of Warming Is Unclear
Scientific American, 2023-03-08
The vast and deep Southern Ocean complicates efforts to single out the role of climate change in declining sea ice

UEA scientists watch killer whales hunt in the Antarctic
YAHOO!News, 2023-03-09
Scientists from the British Antarctic Survey have described their amazement at seeing killer whales hunting from on board the RRS Sir David Attenborough. Daisy Pickup and Dr Isabel Seguro have joined a team of 30 for two months researching the ship’s science capabilities in deep polar waters.

Antarctic sea ice hits record low, satellites reveal
Space on, 2023-03-09
NASA The amount of sea ice covering the ocean around Antarctica varies significantly throughout the year. Antarctic sea ice shrunk to a record low in February this year. Satell

How Vacationers on Antarctic Cruises Are Filling in Scientific Gaps
Smithsonian Magazine, 2023-03-07
From ships and submarines, citizen scientists can access remote areas ripe for new discoveries. But does the research make up for the climate impact?

Amazon deforestation linked to reduced Tibetan snows, Antarctic ice loss: Study
Mongabay on, 2023-03-08
Researchers reporting in Nature Climate Change last month found that deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest may have knock-on effects for the climate in distant regions, potentially pushing key elements of the global climate system — on the Tibetan Plateau and the West Antarctic Ice Sheet — closer to climatic tipping points that could be catastrophic for humanity and our planet’s biodiversity.

Antarctic sea ice cover at record low, 2023-03-08
Antarctic sea ice reached its lowest extent in the 45-year satellite data record,” said Samantha Burgess, Deputy Director of C3S. US government scientists have also confirmed a new record last …

The Antarctic ice sheet is melting. And this is bad news for humanity
The Conversation, 2023-03-01
The melting of the Antarctic ice sheet will contribute for a long time to sea level rise, which will test humanity’s capacity to adapt.

An Antarctic explorer watched his ship sink. A century later, it was found.
The Washington Post on, 2023-03-03
Three years later, however, Shackleton was back in the polar south, going for a consolation prize: the first crossing of the Antarctic continent. He failed at that, too, and this time it was a complex and perilous rescue effort that brought him glory.

Antarctic sea ice melts to a new record low for the second year straight
Yahoo News Canada, 2023-03-08
In February 2022, satellites recorded the lowest Antarctic summer sea ice extent ever seen. “For the first time since the satellite record began in 1979, extent fell below two million square kilometres, reaching a minimum extent of 1.92 million square …