Antarctic Watch Headlines 04/03/2022

A robot lives in this Antarctic penguin colony. It’s trying to save them
MSN, 2022-04-29
But the climate crisis could threaten their very existence. If greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise at their current rates, leading to warming temperatures and melting Antarctic sea ice, 98% of the emperor penguin population could all but disappear by …

Antarctic Orca Submarine Volcano Blasted by Swarm of 85,000 Earthquakes
SciTech Daily, 2022-04-29
It is located in the Bransfield Strait, an ocean channel between the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands, southwest of the southern tip of Argentina. “In the past, seismicity in this region was moderate. However, in August 2020 …

Antarctic sea-ice expansion in a warming climate, 2022-04-22
Antarctic sea-ice has expanded over the period of continuous satellite monitoring, which seemingly contradicts ongoing global warming resulting from increasing concentrations of greenhouse gasses. In a study,

Who Owns Antarctica? The Story Of The Antarctic Treaty
Forbes, 2022-04-22
Almost entirely covered in ice, the frozen southern continent Antarctica is one of the driest, coldest and windiest places on the planet.

Antarctic Sea Ice Hit a Record Low, Now Scientists Think They Know Why
Scientific American, 2022-04-20
Antarctic sea ice hit a stunning record-low minimum at the end of February, dropping below 772,000 square miles for the first time since satellites began observing the southern continent more than 40 years ago.

First same-sex wedding held in British Antarctic Territory
YAHOO!News, 2022-04-27
STORY: The couple, who have been together for 20 years, shared their special day with the 30 crew members, and had captain Will Whatley performing the wedding ceremony on the ship’s helideck as the sun shone.

Antarctic Krill and Interactions in the East Antarctic Ecosystem
Frontiers, 2022-04-29
Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) is the target of the largest commercial fishery in the Southern Ocean. Its abundance varies regionally and exhibits great interannual variability. This natural variability, combined with climate change effects …

A New Clue to Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse
Eos, 2022-04-22
The collapse of the Conger ice shelf in East Antarctica earlier this year was captured in Landsat and MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) satellite imagery. “The ice shelves in East Antarctica were something that we kind of always regarded as quite stable.

Antarctic sea ice experiences record low extent for the second time in 5 years, 2022-04-19
Arctic sea ice may be disappearing, but until recently, Antarctic sea ice was having the opposite experience. In February, however, the extent of sea ice at the southern hemisphere experienced a record low,

Same-Sex Wedding Held for the First Time in British Antarctic Territory
Yahoo, 2022-04-27
Two male stewards of the RRS Sir David Attenborough got married on the ship on Sunday, April 24, only the second-ever couple to wed in British Antarctic Territory and the first same-sex couple to do so.