Antarctic Watch Headlines 04/04/2023

Australia’s Antarctic program beset by frequent sexual harassment, second report finds
The Guardian, 2023-04-03
Failure of leadership blamed for ‘significant cultural problems’ that also include bullying and fear of speaking out

Crucial Antarctic ocean circulation heading for collapse if planet-warming pollution remains high, scientists warn
CNN on, 2023-03-29
Melting ice in the Antarctic is not just raising sea levels but slowing down the circulation of deep ocean water with vast implications for the global climate and for marine life, a new study warns.

Antarctic oil and gas hunt: ‘You just get this rage rising in you’
Daily Maverick on, 2023-04-04
A small but high-profile Extinction Rebellion protest met the Cape Town return of a controversial Russian oil and gas seismic ship on Monday — while the Democratic Alliance’s Member of Parliament Dave Bryant said that ‘rolling out the red carpet for these ships’ is ‘helping to prop up the Putin regime’.

Melting Antarctic ice may strangle vital ocean currents
Grist, 2023-04-03
The troubling shift could slow ocean currents by 40 percent, with devastating effect on climate change, ecosystems, and the stability of Antarctic ice.

Melting Antarctic Glaciers Slowing Ocean Currents: Report
Inside Edition, 2023-04-03
The glaciers continue to melt and scientists say that’s doing more harm to the environment than originally thought.

Melting Antarctic could impact oceans ‘for centuries’, 2023-04-02
Rapidly melting Antarctic ice threatens to dramatically slow deep-water currents in the world’s oceans, scientists say, impacting the spread of fresh water, oxygen and life-sustaining nutrients …

Wish You Were Here: Antarctic adventures with some extremely helpful advice
East Bay Times, 2023-04-03
If you’re planning an Antarctic adventure, the size of your boat matters enormously — and probably not for the reason you expect.

Rising Antarctic ice melt will dramatically slow global ocean flows – study
Reuters on, 2023-03-29
Rapidly melting Antarctic ice is dramatically slowing down the flow of water through the world’s oceans, and could have a disastrous impact on global climate, the marine food chain and even the stability of ice shelves,

Torrents of Antarctic meltwater are slowing the currents that drive our vital ocean ‘overturning’ – and threaten its collapse
The Conversation, 2023-03-29
In a plot reminiscent of the 2004 movie The Day After Tomorrow?, Australian scientists are warning that the Southern Ocean’s deep “overturning” circulation is slowing and headed for collapse.

Op-Ed: Slowing Antarctic currents could be a bullet for generations to come
Digital Journal, 2023-04-01
New research by the University of New South Wales published in Nature states that Antarctic currents could slow by 40 percent by the 2050s. Combined with an accelerating Antarctic melt after this summer,