Antarctic Watch Headlines 04/20/2023

‘Devastating’ melt of Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets is found
NBC News, 2023-04-21
Using 50 satellite estimates, researchers found that Greenland’s melt has gone into hyperdrive in the last few years.

Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are melting rapidly and driving sea level rise, new satellite data finds
CNN on, 2023-04-20
The Earth’s ice sheets lost enough ice over the last 30 years to create an ice cube 12 miles high, according to new research.

China appears to be ramping up construction on its new Antarctic station
NBC News, 2023-04-20
Beijing is “undertaking the most significant expansion of its footprint there in a decade,” according to a new report based on satellite images.

China has ramped up construction on its new Antarctic station, new report reveals
CNN on, 2023-04-19
China is making “significant progress” building the country’s fifth research facility in Antarctica after a several years-long lull in construction, according to a report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

Australia would be ‘naive’ to think China’s new Antarctic station not for surveillance, analyst says
The Guardian, 2023-04-19
National security experts express concern over resumed construction of observatory which could be used for intelligence gathering

One penguin species declines, while another thrives on the western Antarctic Peninsula
WHYY, 2023-04-20
Scientists predict that in decades to come, Adélie penguins could disappear from the western Antarctic Peninsula and nearby islands. Researchers at University of Delaware and Temple are tracking the changing conditions.

China ramps up construction on new Antarctic station, report says
Reuters, 2023-04-18
China is increasing its Antarctic footprint according to new satellite imagery that shows construction has resumed on the country’s fifth station in the southern polar region.

Greenland and Antarctic ice melting rapidly, driving sea level rise: study
ABC Action News, 2023-04-20
The Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, which hold almost all of the world’s freshwater ice, are shrinking at a frighteningly rapid pace, according to a report on Thursday.

‘Devastating’ melt of Greenland, Antarctic ice sheets found
YAHOO!News, 2023-04-20
The Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are now losing more than three times as much ice a year as they were 30 years ago, according to a new comprehensive international study. Using 50 different satellite estimates,

‘Devastating’ melt of Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets found
El País (USA) on, 2023-04-20
Using 50 different satellite estimates, researchers show in Thursday’s study that Greenland’s melt has gone into hyperdrive in the last few years