Antarctic Watch Headlines 04/27/2023

Yes, the Antarctic ice sheets are melting. Scientists say they’ve melted for decades.
Politifact, 2023-04-25
Multiple scientific studies have found that the Antarctic ice sheets have been melting for decades. The two people who claimed that the ice sheets aren’t melting, Judith Curry and Don Easterbrook, are known for questioning or denying proven aspects of climate change.

A massive cavern beneath a West Antarctic glacier is teeming with life
Science News, 2023-04-21
A subglacial river has carved out the cavern beneath the Kamb Ice Stream, a West Antarctic glacier, and may be supplying nutrients necessary for life.

Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are melting rapidly and driving sea level rise, new satellite data finds
CNN on, 2023-04-20
The Earth’s ice sheets lost enough ice over the last 30 years to create an ice cube 12 miles high, according to new research.

Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets melting 7 times faster than in the 1990s, study finds
YAHOO!News, 2023-04-21
Scientists in the Ice Sheet Mass Balance Inter-comparison Exercise gathered satellite data between 1992-2020, one of the authors called the findings ‘pretty disastrous’. What is causing the ice sheets to melt?

Role of the Falklands in the development and success of British Antarctic Survey
MercoPress, 2023-04-27
The Antarctic Treaty has been signed by over 50 nations to date and covers the area south of 60°S latitude. The Treaty has ensured that Antarctica remains a natural reserve, devoted to peace and …

What happens to Antarctic seals when sea ice vanishes?
earth, 2023-04-18
In a groundbreaking study, scientists have discovered that when sea ice disappears, Antarctic seals fall silent. The research was conducted by Dr. Ilse van Opzeeland and her team at the Alfred Wegener Institute,

New Microsoft Flight Simulator Update Adds 13 Countries, Sends Players To Antarctic Research Bases
GameSpot, 2023-04-25
World Update XIII: Oceania and Antarctica also gives players access to over a dozen new airports across Easter Island, Hawaii, Nusatupe, Bora Bora, and Moorea. Players can also expect new discovery flight missions highlighting the West Maui Mountains, Tahiti, Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, and others.

Chile plans to build Antarctic center in Punta Arenas
MercoPress, 2023-04-26
Chilean National Antarctic Institute (Inach) Director Marcelo Leppe underlined that “23 countries now use Punta Arenas as a gateway to Antarctica in a normal year and this platform and this …

UK Polar Network and Clean Planet Foundation Launch Arctic & Antarctic Science Expedition, Seeking Polar Researchers to Apply
YAHOO!Finance, 2023-04-27
The Clean Planet Foundation, in partnership with the UK Polar Network, and polar educator & 12th Briton to ski to the geographic North pole and solo to the geographic South pole, Antony Jinman Ed.D, is proud to announce the launch of the Clean Planet Peninsula project.

A massive cavern beneath a West Antarctic glacier is teeming with life
Science News, 2023-04-26
The coastal plain of the Kamb Ice Stream, a West Antarctic glacier, hardly seems like a coast at all. Stand in this place, 800 kilometers from the South Pole, and you see nothing but flat ice …