Antarctic Watch Headlines 05/04/2022

The Antarctic Meteorite That Changed Our Perception of Life in the Universe
CNET on, 2022-05-03
Nowhere else on the planet has provided a bounty of otherworldly riches like the desolate, frozen plains of the Antarctic. More than 22,000 space rocks have been found on the continent, offering scientists a way to study the formation of our solar system.

Antarctic Sea Ice Hit a Record Low, Now Scientists Think They Know Why
Scientific American, 2022-04-20
Antarctic sea ice hit a stunning record-low minimum at the end of February, dropping below 772,000 square miles for the first time since satellites began observing the southern continent more than 40 years ago. Now scientists say they’ve untangled the …

A robot lives in this Antarctic penguin colony. It’s trying to save them
MSN, 2022-04-29
But the climate crisis could threaten their very existence. If greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise at their current rates, leading to warming temperatures and melting Antarctic sea ice, 98% of the emperor penguin population could all but disappear by …

Antarctic sea-ice expansion in a warming climate, 2022-04-22
Antarctic sea-ice has expanded over the period of continuous satellite monitoring, which seemingly contradicts ongoing global warming resulting from increasing concentrations of greenhouse gasses. In a study,

Ozone responsible for most Antarctic sea warming since 1950
Air Quality News, 2022-05-03
One of Earth’s most important cooling mechanisms may be much more susceptible to changes in upper and lower ozone levels than previously thought. New research by the University of Reading could change previous agreements on the significance of ozone as a …

A New Clue to Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse
Eos, 2022-04-22
The collapse of the Conger ice shelf in East Antarctica earlier this year was captured in Landsat and MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) satellite imagery. “The ice shelves in East Antarctica were something that we kind of always regarded as quite stable.

Who Owns Antarctica? The Story Of The Antarctic Treaty
Forbes, 2022-04-22
Almost entirely covered in ice, the frozen southern continent Antarctica is one of the driest, coldest and windiest places on the planet.

Antarctic Orca Submarine Volcano Blasted by Swarm of 85,000 Earthquakes
SciTech Daily, 2022-04-29
It is located in the Bransfield Strait, an ocean channel between the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands, southwest of the southern tip of Argentina. “In the past, seismicity in this region was moderate. However, in August 2020 …

S. Korea’s icebreaker returning home from over 6-month Antarctic mission
MSN, 2022-05-02
SEOUL, May 2 (Yonhap) — South Korea’s icebreaker is on its way to the southeastern port of Busan after completing a 195-day international exploration mission in the Antarctic Ocean, the oceans ministry said Monday. The Araon, South Korea’s first ice …

The Chinese Antarctic science programme: origins and development
Cambridge University Press, 2022-04-21
In 1980, at the invitation of Australia, the first Chinese scientists went to Antarctica. China was therefore a relative ‘latecomer’ to engage in Antarctic science. In the per