Antarctic Watch Headlines 05/13/2022

Sea ice can control Antarctic ice sheet stability, new research finds, 2022-05-13
Despite the rapid melting of ice in many parts of Antarctica during the second half of the 20th century, researchers have found that the floating ice shelves which skirt the eastern Antarctic Peninsula have undergone sustained advance over the past 20 years.

What’s behind the surprising growth of one Antarctic ice sheet?
Euronews on, 2022-05-13
Scientists think changing wind patterns and floating sea ice has led to the growth of ice sheets in eastern Antarctica.

Some Antarctic ice shelves grew in area over the last 20 years
RTE Online, 2022-05-13
Some ice shelves in the eastern Antarctic have grown in the last 20 years despite global warming, a study suggests. Researchers say that sea ice, pushed against the ice shelves by a change in regional wind patterns, may have helped to protect the ice …

Antarctic sea ice volume reaches record low
MSN, 2022-05-12
The volume of Antarctic sea ice is now at its lowest since records began, reversing a trend of expansion over the last five years, according to scientists. Less than two million square kilometers (772,000 miles) of ice sheet remain at the South Pole for …

The Quest to Save an Antarctic Kingdom Before It Falls Into Ruin
CNET, 2022-05-05
The dramatic tale stopped all of King’s children from wanting to own a motorcycle. All except Rob King, a krill biologist at the Australian Antarctic Division. In the world of Antarctic krill, the 6-foot-6 Rob King is a giant — literally and figuratively.

Newly discovered lake may hold secret to Antarctic ice sheet’s rise and fall, 2022-05-09
Scientists investigating the underside of the world’s largest ice sheet in East Antarctica have discovered a city-size lake whose sediments might contain a history of the ice sheet since its earliest beginnings.

The Antarctic Meteorite That Changed Our Perception of Life in the Universe
CNET on, 2022-05-03
Nowhere else on the planet has provided a bounty of otherworldly riches like the desolate, frozen plains of the Antarctic. More than 22,000 space rocks have been found on the continent, offering scientists a way to study the formation of our solar system.

Huge volume of water detected under Antarctic ice
YAHOO!News, 2022-05-05
Vast quantities of water have been detected in sediments that underlie a part of the West Antarctic ice sheet. The volume is equivalent to a reservoir that is several hundred metres deep. The water was detected below the Whillans Ice Stream,