Antarctic Watch Headlines 05/16/2023

Antarctic Capital to Acquire Annuity Issuer for $100M
Think Advisor, 2023-05-16
Antarctic Capital has $100 million in assets. It formed a Barbados-based reinsurer in 2016. An affiliate manages satellites. Another asset manager wants in on the U.S. annuity game. Antarctic Capital has agreed to acquire Midwest Holding for $100 million …

Antarctic ice melt may be reversible due to rising land beneath
New Scientist, 2023-05-11
The West Antarctic ice sheet grew back after severe thinning thousands of years ago – a sign that melting ice today could recover thanks to rising landmasses

Scientists call for chemical pollution monitoring in Antarctica to support global chemical policy, 2023-05-15
A horizon-scan of chemical pollution research needs in Antarctica has called for Antarctic Treaty consultative parties to extend their national chemical monitoring programs to their Antarctic research stations and Territories.

Invading insect could transform Antarctic soils
Science Daily, 2023-05-16
A tiny flightless midge which has colonized Antarctica’s Signy Island is driving fundamental changes to the island’s soil ecosystem, a study shows.

Climate Change Could Be Catastrophic to Antarctica’s Major Ice Sheets – But the Ice Has Melted Before
SciTech Daily, 2023-05-15
The potential consequences of climate change-induced melting of Antarctica’s major ice sheets would be catastrophic. However, at least one ice sheet in East Antarctica experienced melting as early as 5000 years ago.

Study reveals that invading insects are transforming Antarctic soils, 2023-05-10
A tiny flightless midge that has colonized Antarctica’s Signy Island is driving fundamental changes to the island’s soil ecosystem.

Brazil starts construction of Antarctic support ship
Jane’s Information Group, 2023-05-16
The NApANt Alimirante Saldanha Antarctic support ship is scheduled to be commissioned by the Brazilian Navy in 2025. (EMGEPRON) The Brazilian privately owned shipbuilder Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz (EJA) officially marked the start of construction of the …

How the West Antarctic ice sheet can be saved
talker on, 2023-05-12
Evidence suggests Earth’s crust rebounding upwards could slow glacial melt and sea level rise. The post How the West Antarctic ice sheet can be saved appeared first on Talker.

Antarctic ice sheet was more dynamic than previously thought
earth, 2023-05-07
Deep beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, lies a frigid, dark subglacial lake filled with tales yet to be discovered. More enigmatic than even the planets of our solar system, these mysterious lakes have remained largely unexplored due to their inaccessibility.

Antarctic Tourism is up, but experts give it a thumbs down
MercoPress, 2023-05-15
By Jen Rose Smith (*) – Even after Captain James Cook first sailed below the Antarctic Circle 250 years ago, icily inhospitable Antarctica stayed quiet for a long, long time. The only continent …