Antarctic Watch Headlines 06/01/2023

Photos from the field: Spying on Antarctic moss using drones, MossCam, smart sensors and AI, 2023-05-31
The Antarctic continent conjures visions of white ice and blue sky. But not far from Australia’s Casey Station, 3,880km due south of Perth, moss beds emerge verdant and green.

Rocks beneath Antarctic Ice Sheet reveal surprising past, 2023-05-30
The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is shrinking, with many glaciers across the region retreating and melting at an alarming rate. However, this was not always the case according to new research published last month (April 28) in The Cryosphere.

New alarms over consequences of Antarctic ice melt
Axios, 2023-05-30
In concert with the Antarctic findings, recent research has also shown that the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation is slowing as a result of freshwater floes from the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Data | Antarctic sea ice cover hits record lows on many days of 2023
The Hindu, 2023-06-01
On February 19, the extent of sea ice in Antarctica fell to the lowest level ever recorded. This is in continuation of the worrying trend where sea ice cover shrinks as global temperatures rise.

Antarctic Sea Ice Is at Record Lows. Is It an Alarming Shift?
Wired, 2023-05-26
Scientists are “watching with bated breath” to see if ice will return to normal levels. The planetary consequences could be huge.

Antarctic sea ice hits another record low: Natural fluctuation or sign of climate change?
Australian Broadcasting Corporation on, 2023-05-30
Antarctica’s sea ice is now reforming as the continent moves deeper into the austral winter, but it’s currently the smallest it has ever been for this time of year on record. This blip in the Antarctic pulse is the latest in a string of record lows that is being watched carefully by scientists.

Antarctic ice melt showing signs of disrupting pivotal global ocean circulation, study shows
Axios on, 2023-05-30
Changes to circulation in parts of the Southern Ocean are taking place faster than expected, with potentially profound implications for the global climate and marine life, a new study finds. Why it matters: The Southern Ocean is home to the engine that powers the world’s deep ocean currents,

Ups and downs: Exploring the Antarctic and working with NASA
SiliconRepublic, 2023-05-31
Ariel Waldman spoke to about her unconventional route to STEM which now takes her to both NASA and the Antarctic.

Antarctic Ocean Circulation Has Slowed Dramatically, Study Finds
Yahoo, 2023-05-26
Ocean circulation in the deep waters around Antarctica has slowed significantly over the past three decades, posing a threat to the climate system, according to a new study.

Antarctic Sea Ice Is at Record Lows. Is It an Alarming Shift?
Wired, 2023-05-27
Which was striking, because last year, we also had broken that record.” Sea ice grows during the Antarctic winter, which runs from June through August, then retreats by melting and breaking …