Antarctic Watch Headlines 06/07/2022

Antarctic sea floor mapped in greatest ever detail
BBC News on, 2022-06-08
Scientists have made the most precise map yet of the mountains, canyons and plains that make up the floor of Antarctica’s encircling Southern Ocean.Covering 48 million sq km, this chart for the first time details a new deepest point – a depression lying 7,

Swarms of Crab-Like Creatures Found in River 1,600ft Beneath Antarctic Ice
Newsweek on, 2022-06-07
Scientists said the Antarctic discovery was like discovering a “hidden world” within a “cathedral-like cavern.”

‘Hidden world’ of marine life discovered under Antarctic ice
YAHOO!News, 2022-06-07
Under the ice scientists found amphipods – a type of animal from the same family that includes lobsters, crabs, and mites

Microplastics found in antarctic snow
rnz, 2022-06-07
New research from a University of Canterbury PhD candidate has uncovered the presence of microplastics in Antarctic snowfall, shattering the myth that the great southern continent is relatively untouched by humans.

First microplastics found in Antarctic snow – Expert Reaction
Science Media Centre, 2022-06-07
In a world-first, a New Zealand study has confirmed microplastics are present in Antarctica’s Ross Island region. Kiwi researchers analysed fresh snow from 19 sites, finding an average concentration of 29 microplastic particles per litre of melted snow.

First Evidence Of Microplastics In Antarctic Snow – New NZ Research
Scoop, 2022-06-07
University of Canterbury researchers have published the world’s first study confirming the discovery of microplastics in fresh snow in Antarctica. Most people see Antarctica as a pristine, relatively untouched place,

Aurora Expeditions releases additional places for Antarctic Climate Expedition for World Oceans Day
Travel Daily Media, 2022-06-07
In honour of this year’s World Oceans Day, Australia’s award-winning travel adventure company Aurora Expeditions has announced an exclusive release of ten additional staterooms on its February 2023 Antarctic Climate Expedition,

Scientists Find Crab-Like Creatures In River 1,600ft Beneath Antarctic Ice
MSN, 2022-06-07
A team of New Zealand researchers, who were in Antarctica to study a river, hundreds of kilometers from the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf, discovered crab-like creatures 1,600ft Beneath Antarctic Ice. Proud Boys Leader And Key Members Charged With Sedition …

‘Hidden world’ of marine life discovered in Antarctic ‘river’ under ice
The Guardian, 2022-06-06
New Zealand scientists ‘jumping up and down’ at find during investigation of climate-induced melt of ice shelf

A ‘hidden world’ of marine life has been discovered under the Antarctic ice
Metro on, 2022-06-07
A hidden world of marine life has been discovered living 500 metres below the ice in Antarctica. These small, shrimp-like creatures were filmed by scientists after they lowered a camera down through a drill hole and discovered a river along the bottom of a cavernous space under the ice.