Antarctic Watch Headlines 06/18/2022

How Antarctic Krill Coordinate the Biggest Swarms in the World
Scientific American, 2022-06-16
Antarctic krill form the biggest biomass swarms on Earth. “You can even see them from space,” says Alicia Burns, a behavioral biologist at Taronga Conservation Society Australia. Krill swarms play a vital role in the food chain and in cycling atmospheric carbon into the depths of the Southern Ocean.

In a First, Microplastics Are Found in Fresh Antarctic Snow
Smithsonian Magazine, 2022-06-16
Scientists have found microplastics—small plastic debris about the size of a sesame seed—in freshly fallen snow in Antarctica for the first time. They published their findings

Report: Antarctic is changing dramatically, with global consequences, 2022-06-13
A new report from the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) reveals how climate change is significantly impacting Antarctica’s ice sheets, climate and ecosystems, with far-reaching global consequences.

High-end Antarctic adventure on the Scenic Eclipse
Travel Weekly, 2022-06-17
During my first full day on a Scenic Eclipse Antarctica sailing back in February, I was amazed, and maybe even bewildered, by how many staff members already knew my name. Eleven d

Rising beaches suggest Antarctic glaciers are melting faster than ever
New Atlas, 2022-06-13
According to a new study, two of the main glaciers that make up the Antarctic ice sheet are now melting faster than they have over the past 5,500 years. Ironically, the conclusion is based on how sea levels have seemingly dropped in the region over time.

Explained: Why is the discovery of microplastics in fresh Antarctic snow troubling?
The Indian Express on, 2022-06-17
For the first time, microplastics have been found in freshly fallen snow in Antarctica. The pollutant, scientists argue, poses a growing threat to the region’s ecosystem and could increase the melting of ice and snow.

Microplastics sully Antarctic snow — and science might be to blame
Nature, 2022-06-14
Snow that fell on a remote Antarctic island in 2019 contained tiny pieces of plastic — probably pollution from nearby research bases 1. Plastic materials break down over time to form microplastics, small fragments that can be carried long distances by wind and water.

Scientists find microplastics in fresh Antarctic snow for the first time
CNBC, 2022-06-10
The discovery highlights the extent of global plastic pollution as even the remote region of Antarctica experiences contamination.

Microplastics Found in Antarctic Snows for the First Time
CNET, 2022-06-08
The pollution could cause the degradation of the fragile Antarctic ecosystem and climate and affect marine life from bacteria and krill to penguins. Microplastics have been found in the snows of Antarctica for the first time ever, according to a study …

Microplastics found in fresh Antarctic snow, as pollutants spread
Washington Post on, 2022-06-09
New Zealand researchers collected snow samples from 19 sites in Antarctica and found microplastics in every one, a study says.