Antarctic Watch Headlines 06/22/2023

Antarctic Ice Shelves Experienced Only Minor Changes in Surface Melt since 1980
Lab Manager, 2023-06-22
Antarctic ice shelves have experienced only minor changes in surface melt rates over the past four decades, unlike the rapid increase in surface melt experienced by Greenland’s glaciers during the same time period, according to new research. The news is …

Polar scientists call for urgent action in view of rapid Arctic and Antarctic change
devdiscourse, 2023-06-19
Antarctic sea-ice extent reached another record low in February 2023, following previous record lows of February 2017 and 2022.

Slowing deep Southern Ocean current may be linked to natural climate cycle—but melting Antarctic ice is still a concern, 2023-06-17
Our new research in the Antarctic suggests that the vital layer of cold water on the sea bed, which circulates the globe and influences the ocean’s ability to continue absorbing much of the rise in atmospheric heat and greenhouse gas emissions,

Scientists monitoring ‘doomsday’ glacier in Antarctic warn climate change happening faster than ever before
The i on, 2023-06-20
Collapse of the Thwaites glacier and its accompanying ice sheet could lead to more than three metres of sea level rise. Scientists at the British Antarctic Survey are part of a team hoping to find out

The planet’s coldest, saltiest ocean waters are heating up and shrinking, report finds
CNN, 2023-06-12
Deep ocean water in the Antarctic is heating up and shrinking, with potentially far-reaching consequences for climate change and deep ocean ecosystems, according to a report. “Antarctic bottom …

Antarctic sea ice set of a new record low minimum, Greenpeace
MercoPress, 2023-06-20
The Antarctic ice sheet is losing mass three times faster now than in the 1990s and contributing to global sea level rise (Pic Reuters) Greenpeace reports that data from the National Sea Ice Data …

Antarctic tipping points: The irreversible changes to come if we fail to keep warming below 2℃, 2023-06-14
Currently, we are on track to average global warming of 3-4℃ by 2100. While the recent Antarctic extremes are not necessarily tipping points, ongoing warming will accelerate ice loss and ocean …

User notice: U.S. National Ice Center Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Concentration and Climatologies in Gridded Format, Version 1
Arctic Sea Ice, 2023-06-21
As of 9 June 2023, bi-weekly updating of the Antarctic data in the U.S. National Ice Center Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Concentration and Climatologies in Gridded Format, Version 1 data set is suspended indefinitely.

Participants of 15th Belarusian Antarctic Expedition met and awarded in Minsk, 2023-06-19
Belarusians are conquering new horizons on other continents. Minsk hosted the ceremony of awarding polar explorers, participants of the 15th Belarusian Antarctic Expedition.