Antarctic Watch Headlines 06/24/2022

Antarctic Treaty members agree to protect Shackleton’s Endurance wreck 3.000 meters deep in the Weddell Sea
Uruguay News, 2022-06-23
A 500m perimeter is being implemented to aid the protection of Endurance, the ship famously lost in the Antarctic by explorer Ernest Shackleton. The vessel’s position on the Weddell Sea floor was finally identified in March,

Antarctic expeditioners plunge into icy water for mid-winter swim
Yahoo News, 2022-06-21
“This is a tradition in the Antarctic calendar to celebrate the middle of winter and the return of the sun. It’s madness, it’s ridiculous, but it’s what we do here in Antarctica,” the station leader said.

‘It’s madness, it’s ridiculous’: expeditioners mark Midwinter with Antarctic swim
The Mercury, 2022-06-21
AUSTRALIA’S Antarctic expeditioners have plunged into the ice for the coldest of swims in a traditional celebration of the winter solstice.

Fishing conservation feud in Antarctic waters divides US and UK over Russian obstruction
Alaska Dispatch News, 2022-06-22
Russia’s rejection of longstanding conservation efforts for the Patagonian toothfish, commonly known as Chilean sea bass, has triggered a fish fight at the bottom of the world.

How Antarctic Krill Coordinate the Biggest Swarms in the World
Scientific American, 2022-06-16
Antarctic krill form the biggest biomass swarms on Earth. “You can even see them from space,” says Alicia Burns, a behavioral biologist at Taronga Conservation Society Australia. Krill swarms play a vital role in the food chain and in cycling atmospheric carbon into the depths of the Southern Ocean.

Celebrating midwinter in sub-Antarctic. Olivia Harrison on celebrating her husband though poetry.
BBC, 2022-06-21
Olivia Harrison on her poetry celebrating her husband’s life. Show more As we celebrate the summer solstice – the longest day north of the equator – of course this means on the other side of the world it is the shortest or mid-winter.

Antarctic expeditioners take midwinter dip
The West Australian, 2022-06-21
Australia’s Antarctic and sub-Antarctic expeditioners have taken an icy plunge to mark the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year.

Ocean-Fisheries-Antarctic Fish Fight
The Goshen News, 2022-06-22
Goshen Community Schools Board President Bradd Weddell released a video Wednesday updating the public on the financial situation of the school corporation. Weddell said that as a result of a year-long historical review and corrective actions in staffing …

Australian Antarctic researchers take traditional icy plunge
Yahoo UK & Ireland, 2022-06-21
Australia’s Antarctic researchers take a traditional icy plunge at Mawson station to mark midwinter – the shortest day and longest night of the year – which is a turning point in the calendar for …