Antarctic Watch Headlines 07/02/2022

Unlocking The Mysteries Of An Antarctic Volcano
Forbes, 2022-06-30
Colombian geoscientist Adriana Ariza-Pardo is delving into the origins of a sunken, active volcano that also serves as a port for researchers visiting Antartica.

University of Minnesota scientist brings Antarctic work home via TikTok
StarTribune, 2022-07-02
Glaciologist and climate scientist Peter Neff is helping run an ambitious project to drill for ancient ice in Antarctica.

Climate change may be culprit in Antarctic fish disease outbreak, 2022-06-29
Climate change might be behind an unusual disease outbreak among Antarctic fish. For about a decade, UO biologists John Postlethwait and Thomas Desvignes have been visiting the West Antarctic Peninsula.

Antarctic ice-core research holds lessons about drought patterns in WA’s South-West
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2022-07-01
Ancient ice cores drilled from Antarctic glaciers shed light on why Western Australia’s South-West region is experiencing a drought on a scale that has only occurred twice before in 2,000 years.

First evidence of microplastics in Antarctic snow
Sonnenseite, 2022-06-27
University of Canterbury researchers have published the world’s first study confirming the discovery of microplastics in fresh snow in Antarctica. Most

The Antarctic and Wodao clash again but there could be a different outcome
Racing Post, 2022-06-28
It is round three between The Antarctic and Wodao with the scoreboard showing 2-0 in favour of Battaash’s brother, who arrives here on the back of a rather disappointing effort in the Norfolk. Having been ante-post favourite for that Royal Ascot contest …

Antarctic Treaty members agree to protect Shackleton’s Endurance wreck 3.000 meters deep in the Weddell Sea
Uruguay News, 2022-06-23
A 500m perimeter is being implemented to aid the protection of Endurance, the ship famously lost in the Antarctic by explorer Ernest Shackleton. The vessel’s position on the Weddell Sea floor was finally identified in March,

Multiple lab analyses of Antarctic minerals offer a better understanding of Mars, 2022-06-25
Results of multiple and complementary lab analyses of minerals found in samples of material from Antarctica could give scientists a better understanding of the surface and subsurface environment of Mars,