Antarctic Watch Headlines 07/03/2023

Extent of Antarctic sea ice is lessening year after year
WVNY on, 2023-07-03
Antarctica’s sea ice is at a record low for this early in their winter season according to the latest observations.

Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches a “Record-Smashing Low”
Discover Magazine on, 2023-06-30
The sea ice extent is nearly a million square miles below the long-term average for late June.

El Nino blamed as Antarctic sea ice at lowest level ever for the end of June, 2023-07-01
The ice should be expanding after its February low but is currently way below long-term average Antarctic sea ice is 1.3 million sq km below the previous low record for this time of year. Photo: Antarctic sea ice is at a record low for the end of June.

Wind is a major driver of Antarctic deep water formation and the planet’s ocean circulation, shows study, 2023-06-28
Earth’s oceans are a complex system, and their interconnected nature has global implications. Around Antarctica, cold and dense waters form in the depths of the Southern Ocean. This is known as Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW).

New airflow but similar wind direction as Antarctic blast retreats offshore, 2023-07-03
The Antarctic portion of the winter storm feeding into New Zealand has now moved eastwards, off the mainland and

Antarctic Experiment Maps the Milky Way Galaxy’s High-Energy Neutrinos
The Earth Institute Columbia University, 2023-06-30
IceCube, an Antarctic telescope, has directly observed neutrinos, hard-to-detect subatomic particles, coming from our own galaxy.

Antarctic sea ice at record low for end of June, says Met Office
The Independent on, 2023-06-30
There is still time for the ice to recover before the typical yearly peak in September, but it could also become the lowest year on record.

Scientists designed new enzyme using Antarctic bacteria and computer calculations, 2023-06-30
For the first time, researchers have succeeded in predicting how to change the optimum temperature of an enzyme using large computer calculations. A cold-adapted enzyme from an Antarctic bacterium was used as a basis.

Antarctic sea ice at record low for end of June, warns Met Office
Sky on, 2023-06-30
Scientists fear the levels may not improve with the Met Office warning it is significantly below the previous record, by 1.3 million sq km (501,930 sq miles) – an area more than five times that of the UK.