Antarctic Watch Headlines 07/07/2022

Fleet of 150 southern fin whales observed in Antarctic, 2022-07-07
Researchers observed a fleet of 150 southern fin whales feeding in the antarctic, the largest since the ban on commercial whaling, according to a study published Thursday,

Huge group of southern fin whales captured in Antarctic feeding frenzy – video
The Guardian, 2022-07-08
Scores of southern fin whales have been filmed feasting together for the first time since 1970s whaling ban

Fin whales are making a comeback in the Antarctic
YAHOO!News, 2022-07-08
Researchers studying fin whales in the Antarctic were astonished to observe 150 of the creatures eating krill near Elephant Island — a welcome sight after they were almost hunted to extinction decades ago.

Huge groups of fin whales filmed in Antarctic a sign of hope for ocean giants
The Straits Times, 2022-07-08
For the first time since whaling was banned, dozens of southern fin whales have been filmed feasting together in a “thrilling” Antarctic spectacle, hailed by scientists on Thursday (July 7) as a sign of hope for the world’s second largest animal.

Fin whale populations rebound in Antarctic feeding grounds, 2022-07-07
Southern fin whales have been documented feeding in large numbers in ancestral feeding grounds in Antarctica for the first time since hunting was restricted in 1976. The paper, published in Scientific Reports,

Large groups of southern fin whales documented in the Antarctic, after the ban on whaling
Big News, 2022-07-07
After blue whales fin whales are the largest whales in the world and human beings have hunted both species to near-extinction After the ban on commercial whal

Southern fin whales have recovered to large numbers in the Antarctic
New Scientist, 2022-07-07
Aerial surveys have found groups of up to 150 fin whales feeding near Antarctica, a sign that populations have bounced back since since the 1976 ban on hunting these whales

Fin Whales Return to Antarctic Feeding Areas for First Time in Decades
Wall Street Journal, 2022-07-07
The finding offers a hopeful sign not only for efforts to conserve the giant animals, but also for the health of the ocean ecosystems in which they live.