Antarctic Watch Headlines 07/09/2022

Groups of 150 fin whales spotted in Antarctic, suggesting recovery after whaling
The Hill, 2022-07-09
Story at a glance A new study published Thursday states scientists have seen fin whales in massive numbers feeding near their ancestral hunting grounds of Elephant Island in the Antarctic.

Group of 150 southern fin whales observed in Antarctic, 2022-07-07
Researchers observed a group of 150 southern fin whales feeding in the antarctic, the largest since the ban on commercial whaling, according to a study published Thursday,

Fin whales are making a comeback in the Antarctic
YAHOO!News, 2022-07-08
Researchers studying fin whales in the Antarctic were astonished to observe 150 of the creatures eating krill near Elephant Island — a welcome sight after they were almost hunted to extinction decades ago.

An Antarctic feeding frenzy means good news for vulnerable fin whales
Popular Science, 2022-07-08
Once hunted to the brink of extinction, a new survey signals that the world’s second-largest animal is staging a comeback.

Huge group of southern fin whales captured in Antarctic feeding frenzy – video
The Guardian, 2022-07-08
Scores of southern fin whales have been filmed feasting together for the first time since 1970s whaling ban

Large group of rare fin whales spotted in Antarctic
BBC, 2022-07-08
The news comes after researchers spotted a large group of around 150 whales feeding together for the first time.

Fin whale populations rebound in Antarctic feeding grounds, 2022-07-07
Southern fin whales have been documented feeding in large numbers in ancestral feeding grounds in Antarctica for the first time since hunting was restricted in 1976. The paper, published in Scientific Reports,

Antarctic explorer and Navy veteran turns 102 years old
11Alive, 2022-07-08
Bob Johnson has explored parts of the planet that few people have. The 102-year-old is also the last surviving member of Admiral Byrd’s expedition to Antarctica.

Jobs on offer at Australian Antarctic bases, including mechanics and cooks, for six-figure salaries
Perth Now, 2022-07-08
Mechanics, communications techs, cooks, cleaners and housekeepers are in short supply on Australia’s research stations in Antarctica and on Macquarie Island. Applications for a total of 12 expeditioners willing to take on “the opportunity of a lifetime” close on Sunday.