Antarctic Watch Headlines 07/15/2022

Antarctic bacteria reveal an evolutionary limit to dealing with heat
New Scientist, 2022-07-15
Some bacteria living in the Southern Ocean can only adapt to temperatures about 2°C above what they usually live in, and other organisms could face similar limits adapting to higher temperatures

Crossing the Antarctic unaided? That’s a woman’s work, says Army captain
The Daily Telegraph, 2022-07-15
Dragging a 90kg sled containing all her kit, Captain Harpreet Chandi aims to break barriers on her epic coast-to-coast trek

Tropical storms trigger Antarctic ice melt, 2022-07-13
New factors have been identified which contribute to record-high temperatures and ice melt over the eastern Antarctic Peninsula and Larsen C Ice Shelf.

We studied how the Antarctic ice sheet advanced and retreated over 10,000 years. It holds warnings for the future, 2022-07-13
Alarming stories from Antarctica are now more frequent than ever; the ice surface is melting, floating ice shelves are collapsing and glaciers are flowing faster into the ocean.

Large Pod of Rare Antarctic Fin Whales Caught on Video
Newsweek on, 2022-07-11
Delighted scientists have discovered large pods of rare fin whales feeding together in Antarctica for the first time in nearly 50 years.

Stunning Antarctic skyscapes caused by massive Tongan volcano eruption
Newshub on, 2022-07-15
The massive volcano eruption in Tonga earlier this year is still impacting the environment, including creating stunning skyscapes in Antarctica. Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai erupted on January 15, triggering deadly tsunamis and cutting the island off as communications went down.

Heart of the Nation: Antarctic Peninsula
The Australian, 2022-07-15
If youre a surfer, youre probably looking at this image from the Antarctic Peninsula with a glint of excitement in your eyes. That perfect, clean, 2m-high barrel and not a soul on it Could this frozen wilderness be surfings last great undiscovered destination Perhaps.

Scientists link ‘atmospheric rivers’ to Antarctic melt
The New Zealand Herald, 2022-07-13
A just-published study in Nature Communications shows intense tropical thunderstorms near Fiji, triggered by strong cold fronts that have moved north from New Zealand, can in summer generate an atmospheric river of warm,