Antarctic Watch Headlines 07/23/2022

Lok Sabha passes Antarctic Bill: How the world cooperates on a freezing continent with no permanent resident
timesnownews, 2022-07-23
As the Ukraine war and Chinese territorial ambitions heat up tensions globally, this is may be the right time to refocus on an icy continent that remains the last commercially unexplored frontier on earth – Antarctica.

Explained: What Is the Indian Antarctic Bill 2022 and Who Is It For?
The Quint, 2022-07-22
How will India’s first domestic legislation on Antarctica change our interaction with the region? Here’s a primer.

30% Less Than Average: Antarctic Sea Ice Levels Lowest Ever Recorded
SciTech Daily, 2022-07-22
The ice levels were measured at almost 30% less than the average over the previous ten years. The Antarctic sea ice extent was the lowest since satellite monitoring started in 1978, according to a rec

Indian Antarctic Bill 2022 passed by Lok Sabha- Know Key Features, Penalties
Rojgar Samachar, 2022-07-23
Lok Sabha on July 22, 2022 passed the Indian Antarctic Bill, 2022. The bill aims to bring Indian research stations in the Antarctic region under domestic laws of the country. The Indian Antarctica Bill 2022 was taken up for discussion after the House reassembled in the afternoon following the second adjournment.

Amidst opposition uproar, Parliament manages to pass Indian Antarctic Bill. What is it?
Free Press Journal on, 2022-07-23
As soon as the House reassembled at 2 pm on Friday following the second adjournment of the day, the Indian Antarctic Bill, 2022, was taken up for consideration after Earth Sciences Minister Jitendra Singh moved it for consideration.

Lok Sabha passes Indian Antarctic Bill, 2022 amid opposition protest against price rise – Details here on, 2022-07-23
The bill is in pursuant to India`s accession to Antarctic Treaty, the Protocol on Environment Protection (Madrid Protocol) to the Antarctic Treaty and to the Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources.

We studied how the Antarctic ice sheet advanced and retreated over 10,000 years. It holds warnings for the future, 2022-07-13
Alarming stories from Antarctica are now more frequent than ever; the ice surface is melting, floating ice shelves are collapsing and glaciers are flowing faster into the ocean.

DNA Explainer: What is the Indian Antarctic Bill 2022, passed for research in no man’s land?
DNA India, 2022-07-22
The Lok Sabha passed the Indian Antarctic Bill 2022 today, paving way for Indian research centres in the no man’s land of the globe.

Lok Sabha Passes ‘Antarctic Bill’: Here’s All You Need To Know About It
Swarajya, 2022-07-22
Lok Sabha on Friday (22 July) passed the Indian Antarctic Bill 2022. Soon after the Bill was passed, the House was adjourned for the day to meet again on Monday at 2 PM. The Bill was taken up for discussion after Earth Sciences Minister Jitendra Singh moved it for consideration.

Explained: What is the Antarctic Bill that Lok Sabha has passed?
Firstpost on, 2022-07-22
The Bill will essentially bring Indian research stations in the Antarctic region under the ambit of domestic laws. It mandates for expeditions and individual visitors to carry a permit from the government.