Antarctic Watch Headlines 08/08/2022

Investigatings drivers of Antarctic ice retreat, 2022-08-03
An investigation of how an Antarctic ice sheet melted thousands of years ago will improve contemporary climate models and projections of rising sea level, according to a recently published study with contributions from The University of Alabama.

Capturing the Arctic and Antarctic
GIM International, 2022-08-04
Capturing and measuring the environment in the Arctic and Antarctic is a particularly challenging job. The area of interest is often covered by a

Australia’s concerns about China’s Antarctic activities are overblown
The Australian Financial Review, 2022-08-04
As tensions rise over Taiwan, Antarctica could provide opportunities for co-operation and a way for Canberra to stabilise the relationship.

New Antarctic study shows levels of ‘forever chemicals’ reaching the remote continent have been increasing
EurekAlert!, 2022-07-28
New evidence from Antarctica shows that toxic ‘fluorinated forever chemicals’ have increased markedly in the remote environment in recent decades and scientists believe CFC-replacements could be among likely sources.

Increased levels of fluorinated chemicals in Antarctic snow cores, scientific research
Uruguay News, 2022-08-02
Scientists have recorded markedly increased levels of ‘fluorinated forever chemicals’ in Antarctic snow which are thought to have originated from the use of CFC-replacements.

Rajya Sabha passes Bill for protecting Antarctic environment
Asian News International, 2022-08-01
The Rajya Sabha on Monday passed the Indian Antarctic Bill, 2022 to assist in protecting the frozen continent where India operates research centres and is part of several scientific explorations.

Bill on laws to govern Antarctic research stations passed
The Statesman on, 2022-08-01
Piloted in the Upper House by Earth Sciences Minister Jitendra Singh, the Indian Antarctic Bill, 2022 was passed with a voice vote after a brief discussion

Parliament passes bill to extend domestic laws to Indian research stations in Antarctic region
India Times, 2022-08-01
The Indian Antarctic Bill, 2022, piloted in the Upper House by Earth Sciences Minister Jitendra Singh, was passed with a voice vote after a brief discussion amid a protest by Opposition on various issues,