Antarctic Watch Headlines 08/14/2022

Satellite imagery shows Antarctic ice shelf crumbling faster than thought
Reuters, 2022-08-11
Antarctica’s coastal glaciers are shedding icebergs more rapidly than nature can replenish the crumbling ice, doubling previous estimates of losses from the world’s largest ice sheet over the past 25 years,

Recent studies find previously unknown loss of Antarctic ice, 2022-08-10
New research on Antarctica, including the first map of iceberg calving, doubles the previous estimates of loss from ice shelves and details how the continent is changing.

Fate of ‘sleeping giant’ East Antarctic ice sheet ‘in our hands’ – study
The Guardian, 2022-08-10
Melting of the world’s biggest ice sheet would cause catastrophic sea level rise, but can be avoided with fast climate action

Researchers Warn of Melting Antarctic Ice Sheet
Voice of America, 2022-08-11
The report by Australian and international researchers is another stark warning about what could happen if targets to limit temperature increases under the 2015 Paris Agreement are not met. The study suggests that the melting of the world’s biggest ice sheet in East Antarctic could eventually cause dramatic sea level rises,

NASA Study Reveals Decades of Antarctic Ice Loss That Went Under the Radar
CNET, 2022-08-12
Since 1997, the edge of Antarctica’s ice sheet has lost about 12 trillion metric tons of ice, according to a NASA-led study based on satellite imagery and published Wednesday in the journal Nature. That rather alarming fact is made worse by the researchers’ realization that this figure is twice what previous estimates suggested and that ice loss is likely to accelerate in tandem with Earth’s climate warming as a result of human-induced climate change.

Lowest July Antarctic sea ice on record: monitor, 2022-08-09
Last month saw the lowest extent of Antarctic sea ice on record for July, according to the European Union’s satellite monitoring group.

This zero-emission antarctic vehicle is ready for subzero temperatures
Autoblog on, 2022-08-11
The frigid cold temperatures of Antarctica are nothing to be messed with, and to preserve the environmental elegance of the frozen tundra an electric vehicle was created to not only eliminate emissions,