Antarctic Watch Headlines 09/04/2022

Light Comes to Antarctica
WOOD-TV, 2022-09-04
The pic. above is the sun shining at the McMurdo Station in Antarctic. It’s not too far above the horizon, but it’s climbing a little each day. In the Southern Hemisphere, the Spring

The £12,000-a-night Antarctic hotel that’s luring billionaires and Saudi princesses
The Daily Telegraph on, 2022-09-02
Desserts are served in bowls of Antarctic ice. Prices start at around $98,500 (£85,250) for a week. Flimsy tents and rusty dog sleds this is not. The level of work it takes to support the camp is staggering.

Claim about hidden Antarctic continent and killer squid is Pants on Fire!
Politifact, 2022-08-31
There could be another continent below Antarctica. Not only that, but a giant squid-like creature lurks nearby, deep in the Antarctic Ocean, at least according to a blog called “A

Antarctic Glaciers Are Melting Away at the Fastest Rate in 5,500 Years
SciTech Daily, 2022-08-25
A study finds that two major glaciers in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) are losing ice at the fastest rate for at least 5,500 years. The huge glaciers that reach deep into the core of the ice sheet might contribute up to 3.

2021 Saw Record Sea Levels And Ocean Warming And ‘Huge Swings’ in Antarctic Sea Ice, Latest Climate Report Confirms
Forbes, 2022-09-02
Records were broken again in 2021 with greenhouse gases, ocean heat and global sea levels the highest ever recorded, the latest State of the Climate report confirms.

Fact check: Antarctica has been warming, particularly in the west, studies show
USA Today, 2022-08-31
Antarctica has warmed since the 1950s. However, the warming has not occurred evenly across the landmass, which spans more than 5 million square miles. Multiple studies report significant and rapid warming in West Antarctica and on the Antarctic Peninsula within the last 70 years.

British Antarctic Survey is releasing 25 years of aerogeophysical data
Uruguay News, 2022-09-01
Over the past 50 years, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has been one of the significant acquirers of aero geophysical data over Antarctica, providing scientists with gravity, magnetic, and radar datasets that have been central to many studies of the past,

‘Boaty McBoatface’ docks in Belfast after Antarctic sea trials
RTE Online, 2022-08-22
A new scientific research vessel which will help to combat climate change has docked in Belfast after sea trials in the Antarctic – complete with its Co Derry captain.

New Zealand scientist using robots in race against climate change on Antarctic seafloor
Newshub on, 2022-08-31
New Zealand’s Antarctic scientists are employing robots to help document life on the seafloor in the Ross Sea as climate change continues to threaten many species. The underwater robots are being used to conduct ‘speed sampling’,

Antarctic-South Pole: Wendy Searle’s solo ski record bid
BBC, 2022-08-23
A mother-of-four is aiming to become the fastest woman to ski solo from the Antarctic coast to the South Pole. Wendy Searle, 44, from Penallt, Monmouthshire, completed the 715-mile (1,150km) trek in 2019-2020,